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Originally Posted by DCHitt View Post
Well we already insulate the fresh water tank. Lets take it down to 35 degrees. Then there is a gray water tank. I haven't done the math but that would be enough mass so the engine would not have to run all the time..... If you want warmer cold water at the sink a mixing valve would fix that.

Just thinking outside the box...
That is inefficient to an extreme degree. One gram of water absorbs one calorie of heat for each degree Celsius in temperature increase while in liquid phase. The heat of fusion, aka enthalpy of fusion, during the state change from liquid to solid or solid to liquid for water while maintaining a temperature of zero degrees Celsius is 80 calories of heat. Water requires tremendous amounts of heat absorption and loss to change between liquid and solid states. It requires many times more than that to change from liquid to vapor. In fact, for one gram of liquid water to go from zero degrees Celsius to its boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius requires only 100 calories. The molar enthalpy of evaporation, that is the amount of heat to change it from water at 100 degrees Celsius to steam at 100 degrees Celsius is 520 calories.

Chilling the water in fresh and grey tanks to 35 degrees Fahrenheit would do virtually nothing to assist an air conditioning system. And even the minuscule amount of heat sink created would quickly be neutralized due to absorption of surrounding environmental heat.

This thread is about alternators. Please stick to the topic.

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Originally Posted by Wrinkledpants View Post
If you store cold, you have a finite amount of time to use that cold, and you can only regenerate it with the engine. That seems like a step backwards to me.
Being all electric does have a lot to offer.

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