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New springs and better shocks might help out the ride on your current rig. Have you been by Built to Last in Durango? If not, swing by and see if they have any ideas on your current rig before giving up on it. They replaced a failed injector on my rig but I found them pretty knowledgeable and have done a few van conversions of their own.

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Am I fooking nuts?

It would help to know what the current suspension setup is on your van. If I'm not mistaken, I'm thinking it might be one of SMB's early versions of their own 4X4 setup, with leaf sprung front end and maybe Old Man Emu shocks, if that's the case, a harsh ride for sure. There are improvements that can be made though. The Agile RIP kit is geared for coil spring front ends found in Quigley conversions.

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Originally Posted by BroncoHauler View Post
Here's a pic I just snapped of some members and lurkers on this forum who just read this thread.

How long before the "I sent a PM" and "Give me more details" posts start?

BTW, as others have said, nothing wrong with going another direction, but at least test drive a Sprinter, if not a camper converted Sprinter, to make sure that would even work for you before unloading your SMB. Would hate to see you in the same situation just a few months down the line.

Another option might be for you to take it to Agile to swap out your existing 4WD for a TTB 4wd conversion.

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Originally Posted by eddyturn View Post
Spent 2 years tracking down and buying a very, very good specimen of a Ford350 from 2009. Built by SMBW in 2008. Found it last July at Austen for a pretty high price but with a 6L engine with only 12k miles on it.

Dumped some money into engine, like Blue Spring, Sinister Coolant Filter, EGR Delete as I am in Colorado. Some other stuff like big steel Trail Ready front bumper with Warn 12k winch and some extra Aluminess out back. New inverter and AGM and took out the microwave and installed a usable cabinet. Some other investments like tools and such and got the hot water working again along with the furnace. New high end stereo and speakers and an Edge CTS gauge to watch it all work wonderfully.

Trouble is with my worsening arthritis it's a bitch to drive on some roads so I have been thinking of selling it as there is a yuge demand and going with a Sprinter that should be a bit bigger but easier to drive without all the solid front axle wandering. We don't really 4x4 it much so that's not a big deal anymore.

Nearest MB shop is about 220 miles away so not an easy remedy when something breaks. Here, we have guys that will work on all but the Espar stuff in the current van.

If I were to sell now and take a profit, I could order the van and start on it before delivering to an outfitter. Just some thoughts. Care to share yours?

Sounds like your over it bob! Here in o.c. California there is a dealership that is selling one year old decked out Mercedes class b vans 2x4 for $50-k the salesman told me that they get em from a rental company that leases to rich Europeans for a 6 month tour of us and dump em,obviously they are makin money I think they have about 20-k me if interested keep us posted.just remember you'll have to wear a I'm only two wheel drive shame shirt like me...
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The van was the standard SMB 4x4 build done in late 2008. I replaced the EMU shocks with the Fox 2 shocks and put on the Fox steering damper and that did help.

Built to Last in Durango is my go to guy about everything on the van engine-wise.

I did drive it from Durango to ABQ and back yesterday and some of those bumps/humps were challenging. They should fix those.
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If you can admit that half the fun of having a van is building it, go for a 4x4 sprinter or a transit with 4x4 conversion.

I just went from a 2011 E350 EB V10 with ujoint 6" and 35s to a new 170" 4x4 sprinter. There are pros and cons to each. The sprinter reliability (mostly emissions related) has me a little concerned, but I'd be concerned about a 6.0L too. First thing I notice is that the sprinter isn't nearly as quick as my re-geared, tuned V10. But once you get past that, it does drive SO much nicer on the road. Suspension travel is nearly non-existent but I'm hoping that some agile/fox parts help in the future. Despite the 3-wheeling, it does still make forward progress with a tire off the ground. The nicest thing about the sprinter is driving down the highway at 70-80mph, passing trucks and feeling completely relaxed. The longer wheelbase also smooths out the ride quite a bit. The front windows and windshield feel massive compared to the Ford. Leg room up front is much better.

A couple things I would definitely get, low range and factory HIDs. Skip the navigation if you can. It's expensive and it is absolutely garbage (as is the rest of the stereo), but may be lumped together in an option package. I'm pulling mine out for aftermarket.

My interior is mostly empty so far, but I'm average 17mpg in mixed driving. 19mpg highway, and the worst I've filled up was 16mpg. This is with 265/70R17" St Maxx tires.
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Ford Transit 4x4 Convo Info

Originally Posted by TomH View Post
I think you can get the Transit converted to 4x4 with a 2" lift.
Quigley is advertising that it can convert the Transit to a 4x4.

And....Here's a thread on someone who went that route:
Sprinter 4x4 to Transit 4x4 - Ford Transit USA Forum
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Am I fooking nuts?

Transits are worth considering IMO. I've had a Quigley CCV Transit Sportsmobile for almost a year now. Love it. The 4x4 and clearance on a Transit could never be as good as a modified E Series, but works for us for snow and even mild to moderate off-road trails. It takes time to arrange the conversions but compared to Sprinter you can get a powerful gas engine (avoiding emission hassles), maintenance and repair are cheaper, and there are many more dealers for service near home or on the road. My two cents. YMMV.

Btw I'm coming from a Syncro Westy and haven't owned an E Series or Sprinter or other conversion.

The good news is there are lots of van platforms out there now to fit different needs.

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