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Originally Posted by carringb View Post
Browsing my local dealer, they have tons of new 2016 models still, and new 2017 model but only DRW models.

So my theory.... they cranked up 2016 model production and kept making them through the end of the year, when normally they would switchover model year mid-summer. Since 2016 certificates were not revoked, they can keep selling them.

The dually models, both vans and cutaways, are over 10,000 pounds GVWR which means the emissions standard is slightly less stringent, so they must have received a certificate for those models...

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The only 2017 model vehicles that I see are RVs. RV manufacturers can take a chassis from a previous year, upfit it and call it a current year vehicle. Decode the VIN number on the 2017 RVs and they all refer to a 2016 model year Sprinter.

EPA is putting all diesel models through the ringer. That has icluded on-road verification, which takes time. EPA is no fan of diesels, so there is no rush to approve them. Budget cuts don't help either.

In the market, the GM Canyon/Colorado twins and 2L BMW have been approved as 207 models. The Chrysler Ecodiesel has not, and has been accused of having multiple AECD. HD pick-ups are in a different class, which seems to receive less scuntiny. I'm not sure why the Sprinter is not inculeed in that group.

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Originally Posted by michaelf View Post
The debate around diesels has been especially heated in the U.S., which has some of the planet's strictest emissions regulations and where diesels have never really caught on anyway.
What an absolute load of crap. Never caught on anyway? Howbout if they were offered in more models of vehicles? My windshield shows me roads absolutely full of diesels everyday. Tractor trailers. Why there aren't more diesel cars and light trucks I have no idea.

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The EPA is a mess and has been for a long time. They screwed my company hard and we were 99% in compliance. Basically someone saw some black smoke, called the air board, EPA came and handed us a list of lawyers to call. $300k later.........yeah.

Still though, you can thank VW for screwing all this up.
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True, no specific mention of Sprinters from the articles. I'm wondering what's going to happen with the new plant Mercedes built in SC. Maybe they'll churn out gassers or hybrids.

My 2016 4x4 Sprinter was ordered last Spring and was delivered to SMBW last month. It has options listed on the 2017, but has a 2016 VIN and pricing. I was told it'd be a 2017 but the VIN and window sticker state otherwise.

Figured it was worth sharing since there's been internet rumors for months about this issue, but no statements from the EPA or Mercedes. At least this makes it clear as mud.
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This article is one of the newer articles mentioning German Auto makers and our current Federal Government's 'talk' about imports/tariffs etc.. Although there's no mention of emissions, this is still relative to the Sprinters' production and import. So, there are two fronts to view the expressed concern through this thread: emissions and trade.

Again, there's is no direct statement about the Sprinter per se; there is more about autos and more use of BMW's name than Daimler.
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I sent an inquiry to my project manager on Sunday and just received this reply:

Hi Tom,

We have been talking with Mercedes about this issue. They currently have 30+ vans that are due to come to us at their re-assembly plant in South Carolina that are waiting to be released. We are confident that Mercedes is going to resolve the issue, especially with regards to the Sprinter specifically. The amount of business they do in this model of van is too great to simply stop selling Sprinters in the U.S. For the time being I would not be worried until we hear something from Mercedes themselves that tells us otherwise.


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'RELEASE the ... Vans...'

Thanks for posting that email TomH. Our van is DRW @1100+ gvwr and 6cyl 4x4 so falls into the 'less stringent' assessment category; still the proof will be in the pudding. When those vans arrive in the new SC Multimillion Dollar assembly plant we'll be fired up.
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List of jobs for Daimler Plant, Mercedes Van Assembly in South Carolina. The Assembler Jobs, and few others are filled; there are listings of various support and legal positions some 3 days old some 30+.
Soon there will be parts there to build out the vans that the Sprinter Crew on this forum are anticipating.
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We sold our VW Jetta Sports Wagon TDI back for enough loot to buy a sweet Toyota AWD RAV4. Granny loves it.

We're ready for the Diesel clean up to finish and this mess around falsifying emissions to end. Gaming the system is a losing proposition, and tacky to boot...

I'd like to see concrete news relative trade partners working together versus protectionism; staff the EPA and let's get vehicles cleared for import.

Here's a Reuters Article about potential normalization of our trade positions.

Germany's Merkel encouraged U.S. will consider EU free trade deal | Reuters
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I'm waiting for my '17 4x4 Sprinter to be built. I would hate if Benz had to do a software update to "better" meet emissions and I end up with an under powered van. Fingers crossed they are more of an upstanding company than VW.

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