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Originally Posted by Vanimal View Post
I have 2-3" coil springs you can try! It would only be about an hour per side to try them.

Thank you for the kind offer sir! I think I am going to stick with the combo of coils and springs That Ive gotten the most feedback on etc. as a means to hopefully only need to do this once.

@carringb, @Orv, I think I will heed your advice and hold off on the steering stabilizer for now and keep the funds and focus aimed at the lift, tires, wheels and alignment for now.

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Originally Posted by Vanimal View Post
For street driving that may be so but, Stabilizers are very useful on back roads & trails, I have never run a straight axle 4x4 vehicle without one so I do not know if not running one is crucial or not but I know when one goes bad I do not enjoy the loose steering feel!

That's a fair point, I haven't done driving on anything worse than rutted two-tracks (and I keep my thumbs outside the steering wheel rim on those!) I can't speak to what serious off-roaders need. I could see a damper being pretty useful offroad.

I *do* think there's value in finding out what the van tracks like on the street before slapping a damper on it, just because a lot of front end issues are easier to detect without the damper muddying the waters. I often see lifted trucks running multiple dampers in an attempt to brute-force fix a "death wobble" problem that will never *really* be fixed without changing the steering geometry.

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I run dual dampeners but only because I do go off road more than most. Offroad miles on my van are probably 1/3 of it's present mileage including snow seasons. There was a time I ran single. When converting it to 4x4, there wasn't any kits available, especially for coil front set ups, heck there was not any wide body coil spring axles other than Dana 44's. I ran "0" dampener units until I had dialed in the clocking of the steering wheel, the location on where I was going to mount the unit(s). No issue ever came to be! Almost 18 years later and 140k miles I am going to replace the tie rod to the pitman arm side. Just because the boot had cracked and I let it go and it has sand in it. Cheers
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Unrelated, but since there’s talk about them... Anyone have any input on steering stabilizer dampers possibly wearing out steering boxes quicker than vehicles without them?

"understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of your car, oversteer is when you hit the wall with the rear of your car, horsepower is how hard your car hits the wall, and torque is how far your car moves the wall."
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