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Originally Posted by Youngster View Post
Don't forget to talk with Jeremy at WeldTech Designs! He's a wizard with these vans and likes to talk shop.

They're just a few blocks down the street from Agile 4x4, in El cajon.

There's a synergy that goes on in El cajon with the desert race industry, engineering and fabrication. These companies push each other to innovate and dream up some cool stuff!

I appreciate the information that you have given me. I just might talk with Jeremy as you advise.

I have a first cousin that lived in the LA area that had a business that catered to the desert type machines. His name is James Hall, I think his son is a Junior, who continued the business for awhile. If I get down that way come spring, I need to visit him, his children and grandchildren, since it might be the last chance I get.


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Originally Posted by carringb View Post
I would also agree that your van is due for new/better springs.

Deaver's are nice, but not the only option. I also feel like you can do better than new OEM springs. Those overloads just gotta go. If you want to do it inexpensively, you could remove the overloads, and add new intermediate leafs. That can take some trial and error however.

What about the re-arching of the existing springs and adding a leaf or two like the fellow I spoke with at a local company recommended to me a few days ago?

Also, he mentioned that it might add a couple of inches in height to the rear of the van? Should the rear of the van be a little over 2 inches higher than the front?


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Very, very late to this thread, hoping my info isn't blather or interference.

Having acquired a new-to-me 2005 E350 extended body window van (previously a wheel chair lift-equipped people mover) with extended roof AND almost constantly trying to improve handling characteristics of the E-Series I've settled on a Bilstein/Hellwig combo that'll be put into use sometime soon. This will include parts most commonly used on short wheel base motor homes based on the E-Series chassis.

Hellwig's 7085 (rear) and 7008 (front, pre-2008) along with Bilstein 33-176857 B6 (front) & 33-187570 B6 (rear) are the recommended parts after conversations with both companies respectfully.

CarringB's observations are quite spot on especially about oversteer and understeer. One thing I've noticed about the extended bodies where the full-sized spare tire is mounted about as far back on the frame as possible the oversteer is quite noticeable. Considering it weighs just at 80# that's significant relative to handling.

Locally I've yet to find anyone who'll install caster/camber bushings such as Ingalls products to push my running caster out to +5*. Sadly too many front end shops aren't staffed with well-trained or experienced technicians that can/will do more than read a computer print-out and create an invoice.

I'm early in this change, van is in for transmission work just now so hope to get going in the next few weeks. The van has been stripped of its Club Wagon interior and the wheel chair lift removed I'll get a base line front/rear weight as delivered and post something in another thread about these changes and their effects on handling.

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