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Re: looking at a 7.3

I wondered if Daryl would chime in!

But I still need to put in my two bits. $40K would be a steal - Daryl, if you ever decide to sell it for that, call me first! I love the color, the setup, and the amenities. $50K+ would be a good deal IMHO, $60K maybe, $70K not for me. But as Jage would say, it's worth to you whatever you will pay for it. Good luck to you both.


2002 E350 EB - Voyager top - 7.3 - Quigley 4WD
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Re: looking at a 7.3

Thanks to all of you that replied via PM. There really are some great people on here. I have gained some insight on your experiences with the 7.3.

And... Fair enough... the point here was not to undermine anyone's sell price, or to start a combative thread, I was simply trying to get a baseline, not having owned one before, I am looking for input.

Jage, I really have to disagree with the "whats it worth to you" philosophy. That is what got the financial sector (and the rest of the world) in trouble. There is a fair market value for everything. Assuming most of us on here aren't sh!tt!ng money first thing after our morning coffee, and the fact that this kind of money would fund a solid room addition to our homes, leaves PLENTY room for discussion of fair market value.

That said, the $70k is obviously fair market value for the seller, and it is equally apparent he is not that hot and heavy to sell since an 02 7.3 with 71k miles with gutted and rebuilt 2012 interior just sold through sportsmobile for $60k.

If I were him though, I wouldn't want to sell either. That is the rig I am looking for, unfortunately, the price is prohibitive... not because I am cheap, but because I simply don't have the means to make up the difference.

Good luck Daryl, it is a really nice rig, and obviously well cared for.

2000 EB50 4x4, V10
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Re: looking at a 7.3

No disrespect Oceansrealm. I have to agree with Jage. It is really about what something is worth to you. His SMB is worth that to him and it is your choice to think the same or not.

If I had the money I'd like to get the low mile 7.3 just economically not able to swing it.
I would think with all the goodies this person is taking a financial loss and no doubt the future buyer
will be very happy. What is not to like about a low mile 7.3 ?

The SMB is a toy from my perspective and comes down to what you want on it to play in your sandbox.

Good luck in your search. I think there is another 7.3 with slightly more miles on it for around $55K or so.

1994 SMB 7.3 with Quigley and Agile offroad goodies
1982 Wanderlodge Blue Bird FC33
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