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Resale value of a Chevy 4X4 duramx diesel?

I am planning to have Sport Mobile build me a 350 diesel Chevy van with a quigley indipendent suspension 4x4 (I have to order the van from my chevy dealer). I like the chevy duramax diesel so much better than the ford. The quigly IS 4x4 doesn't raise the van at all. Is highly reccomended by quigley and they say that they have tested it in some very rugged terrain and rides so much better on normal roads. They compare it to the ride of a suburban. It's the prefect van for me however I am afraid that I make a 80k investment and when I decide to sell it no one will want it... I feel that people who buy 4x4 SMB want the hard core high rased Ford Van. Any idea on this?

2005 RB50 SMB 4x4, PSD
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Quigley also offers the solid axle for the Chevy/GMC's. It's the slightly more $'s than the IFS. The van gets a 4" lift when you get the solid axle. Here's the before and after pics of my van with the Quigley solid axle.

The body height of an IFS conversion is about the same as a stock 4X4 suburban or silverado.

It's often hard to predict re-sale values for specialty vehicles. I think you should get what meets your needs/wants and hope you can find a similarly-minded buyer when it's time to sell.

BTW, see the red van parked next to mine in the top pic? Here it is at Moab:


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I think it would be VERY DESIRABLE used!

I may build or try to buy something pre owned like you are planning (Chevy)after I have one for 6 months, of course then I have to wait 3 more months, so I may wait and get a 2009 ordered. Of course the wait time, helps your resale value, in my opinion.

I hope to buy one tomorrow 1/31 on the SMB Texas site, the (2002 Dodge, white RB, 29K) I think one great advantage to your plan is that you still can get into SOME parking garages and maybe even "stealth" camp/rest there, like a post I read recently about some forum member who did that in Vegas.

Go for it!! Load it up, keep it in great shape and enjoy it! Try and pick popular options and floorplans if your worried about resale. Since I hope to use mine as a daily driver I was only looking at RWB vans.
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Solid Axle and used vans

Hi you guys,
Thank you for the response!
I talked with Quigley and they highly discouraged getting the solid axle for my type of use. I am more of a washboard, snow, beach and maybe a few river crossings type of guy. You'll never see me in Moab doing crazy stuff. How do you feel the solid axle drives on "less extreme" situations?
Any idea how to buy a used Chevy with a quigley 4x4 conversion?
2005 RB50 SMB 4x4, PSD
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I have driven the Chevy/GMC with Quigley IFS. It is superior in ride and handling over the solid axel and the ride height is adequate for most off road.
There is a video on the Quigley website of both the solid axel and IFS being driven in some stuff I would not attempt and it does very well.
You can very likely lift the IFS equipped van if you need to.

Personally I think many people are put off by the height of an SMB or Quigley conversion. Resale might even be improved by a more conservative ride height especially with the Duramax/IFS combo which is superior to the 6.0 Fords in every way. If it weren't for look of the GM vans I'd order one in heartbeat. Actually the 08 Fords are pretty ugly too!
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fwiw:sometimes late last year, i talked to dave, if i recall his name,
quigley will convert a slightly used/preowned van, i believe if less than 2 years and maybe less than 15K, you may wish to confirm this, if you want to maybe go thru the preowned route to save some bucks...i was contemplating this at one time.....

re: the resale value, i really don't think you should approach it in this manner, after all, if you going to spend 80K or whatever dollars, why should you compromise, for 80K you should get what you want...

i personally, like the chevy duramax over ford psd, but i like the smb 4x4 solid front leaf spring set up over quigley/salem kroger/quad van, matter of personal choice...

also, check out the van thread at:
to get additional input

good luck
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I think your resale value will depend on how you equip your SMB and its replacement value...not gm versus ford per say.
- A 'hard core van' is rare and as such should hold value more.
- Resale will also depend on when you sell. Up until 5 years old/50k miles your SMB will always compared to a new long as those stay expensive, you will have decent resale.
- 50 style is most popular and will appeal to the largest potential buyers....therefore better resale.
- For cars, rule-of-thumb is 10% value loss per year. I feel smb's retain their value a better % in the 8 years and older range.
- With high fuel prices, the SMB is enjoying good resale/higher demand.
- Resale is not an issue if you keep your SMB for 12 years. Assume 80k initial...20k at end or 5k/year or $450 month. Not too bad.

Lastly, my SMB is 13YO and still looks good and runs fine.
- I plan to hold on for 7-10 years.
- Assuming I can sell for a few thousand, my net monthly cost is $45 for 10 years. Cheap for a 3rd car. Only issue is it takes up a lot of room in the garage.

Thanks, Marty

Marty's 'BearsMobile'

1995 Dodge SMB EB-20 + modified for shower in back, PH Microlite Starcool. 130k miles young!
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