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Great commentary and information. Look forward to hearing more after you have had time to rest and reflect.

"A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points but it is by no means the most interesting". Jon Pertwee as Dr. Who, The Time Warrior.
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Re: Frankenstorm!!!!!


Good on ya for heading out to Staten Island to help out. I've found helping others is the best way to keep your moral high. I saw a lot of this going on during my 3 week vacation in New Orleans in September/October of 2005. I drove a Red Cross truck all over Lousiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida. During my travels I saw the locals pitching in to help each other.

You weren't eating the dog and cat food were you????


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Re: Frankenstorm!!!!!

@Nomadcat (Paul) Please do bring more thoughts/experiences to us. I was once without power for 31 straight days (icestorm '94, legendary around here) and got used to the no-power side of life, and, even felt a bit of melancholy when it came back on... the hum, the constant hum.

But, boy oh boy do ya need some dang water! My house was in a very remote place (and the very last one on the very last electric line to get repaired), and had a well w/ elec. pump... so no well water. Used water from the creek to flush toilet... leaves and sticks and all. Hauled water from 6 miles away for drinkin' and washin'. Still store water here at home now, JIC. Coffee, hoooboy mandatory. Showers, not so much... 'course, I was single back then.

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