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Count me in for the LaJolla shores thing. That place is family friendly too. Perfect for toddlers.

Tent camping for now. Dreaming up a new 4x4 SMB. Gas or Diesel?
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I would be up for that too depending on the date.

Love the quote.


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Does anyone really read this stuff other than surfgeek?
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This is a cool thread.

I was really not expecting nor wanting the attention that my rig sometimes garners. The "stealth climber" in me? IMO it takes marginal skill and ability to purchase something (sure, it can be argued that skill is needed to procure the funds to purchase something). When someone sez "nice rig," I always agree that Ford and Quigley have a great thing going rather than taking credit for it being cool. I merely bought the thing.

On one hand, knowing the rig I dreamed about at 17 is a reality is a profound feeling. And yep, I do look back sometimes when walking away (if it's washed!).

On the other hand, the rig is a tool for accomplishing and experiencing. To me, that's the beauty of owning it--what it can and will facilitate. At my passing I doubt I'll be thinking about the things I've owned. I'll be thinking of my experiences and the people I've shared them with.

Cheers, curtis and all.
07 E350 EB 6.0 Quigley
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Wallrat, that is probably my favorite post I've ever read on this forum! I couldn't have said it better, nor could I agree more.

Everyone is correct in that these vans garner attention. Usually I don't mind. Regardless, I'm always more than willing to talk to someone who is curious, especially since I was that person several years ago. I can honestly say that the people who took the time with me to show me their SMB (and truck campers) made my purchase possible. We have already had some great experiences due to our SMB and we are constantly looking forward to the new ones.
2007 Ford RB Diesel SMB 4x4 Pueblo Gold; Custom configuration (aisle layout); PIAA 580 driving lights; Picked up on Oct 19, 2007.
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Ok, here's my favorite from a witness/victim of a domestic violence assault, upon seeing me drive away after talking with the sheriff and a deputy (mostly making fun of another deputy (now called "Reno" because I had him in court all day (no vest)and he had to put his vest on outside his shirt to quickly investigate the domestic)):

"Wow, you guys have a SWAT van!"

Second favorite from an Oregon State Police detective:

"That looks like a SWAT van."

Least favorite quote came from my mother-in-law after the new springs/ride height:

"Is it supposed to look like that? It doesn't look right. Its too high."

#$%!*&% she ought to change her name to Endora.
It takes a village to raise an idiot.
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I must admit that when I go, there would be one thing I wish I could take with me and that would be my screen saver. I keep all the memories of my trips circulating in front of me at work when the computer is not in use. It keeps my feeble mind up to date. When I see a friend or even someone I briefly met flash on the computer, I’m right back there on that day. Some time back I went in a restaurant to pick up a meal to go, and when I came out there was a group of people staring at the computer in my work truck. All of a sudden a couple of them yelled wow… man…what is that….etc.

All I could think was O-NO here we go again and the van isn’t even here, it’s sitting at home in the driveway! The food got a little cold but that was OK.

2006 Ford 6.0PSD EB-50/E-PH SMB 4X4 Rock Crawler Trailer

Sportsmobile 4X4 Adventures..........On and off road adventures
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I guess giving tours of the van also strokes our egos. Maybe that's why I've never met an SMB owner who doesn't like to show off their van - me included.

And it is a great sales tool for SMB - I've sold two!

Hmmm, when do I get my commisions?

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I've had my van a month and we noticed from day one that this thing is a magnet. Every (guy's) head turned as we drove into campgrounds on the trip back from Indiana. My partner said, "Hey, why is everyone staring at us?" Once set up we had folks walking up saying "That's a heck of a rig, what is that?" And even driving around locally at home I've noticed if there's a truck or 4x4 going by they'll be staring at the van. Last weekend two guys chased me from stoplight to stoplight motioning me to open the window and asking me if I built it and where I got it.

(Keep in mind, I don't even have the 4x4 bumpers, lights or roof racks.) And the days I drive it to our commuter rail station 'train friends' are all huddling around the van at the end of the day to get a look inside at "Mike's crazy new van." Stands to reason most New Yorkers haven't seen a SMB yet (unless they run into Joeynick down in the city.) Yeah, this is fun. Taking 2 of my dogs camping up in the Catskills this weekend.
Mike W
Pueblo Gold Ford EB 350 v10 with EB 50 floor plan & Quigley 4x4 from Huntington (aka: Minerva)
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Actually im a little of the opposite. The van is a step in the stealth direction for us. It looks like a regular van to most. It was our last rig/trailer that i couldn't go anywhere without being asked a million questions.

Wait until you guys ever put a snorkel on your rig... then you'll see what attention it draws
Dave and Yoshi [Ki6LBB]
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I cant afford not too!!!

Wallrat, Awesome........ I look at so much of the "things" we have in life. After being in the "livin' and Dyin'" trade (fire Dept) and being a burn survivor, just as king tut didnt take his stuff with him.....either will we. So we are left here for now circling around on this brilliant blue and green globe searching for connection and experiences. My rolling ton-o-fun (alcatraz on wheels) gets me and my loved ones to see and do as much as we can, when we can. Going to Work, for me, is just is a means to an end. To pay for the choices and options and continue on this quest. My only legacy I leave behind is this influence. For my children to continue to do the same. So.......Sunday I'll be working a little overtime.... to fill my tank. And I'll challenge you now so you say "can you afford it?"......... and I say, "I cant afford not to!! My van is a means to an Mr Wallrat said, a tool. Right on dude.

5.8 l V8
2WD (hey nice that 4 wheel drive?)
4:10 detroit locker
6 inch lift,
man. pop top
Trojans, nerf bars, Tire rack
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Very Very cool looking van
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