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Re: Pre trip psych!?

^^^Boy, I need some of that skill!

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Re: Pre trip psych!?

It is all about spinning too many plates, dropping as few as possible and putting out the fire burning closest to me - I want to change, really I do.

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Re: Pre trip psych!?

The emotion of anticipation is often equal to the excitement of the event we are anticipating.
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Re: Pre trip psych!?

I always seem to have a major project or refit on the van before a trip. The goal has always, always been to be ever ready to roll out- but our reality is always doing something new, like swapping the side door pantry for a dometic to back up the fridge. Next trip will be taking it out and restoring the pantry. And I don't think I've ever taken two trips with the same structure on my Aluminess swing arm, at least not consecutively.

That, and Kim and I have slightly different packing methods: I want everything in the van, when it's in the van it's "done" and I stop thinking about it, I'll put my river shoes in 2 weeks in advance for example. Meanwhile she makes a big, organized pile in the house and it doesn't go in until the last minute. The rub comes when, by then, I've managed to find other things to fill all those spaces she needs.
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Re: Pre trip psych!?

Our van is kept in a ready to go state. My life is ruled by my calendar, and when a couple days open up, I want to be ready to take advantage of it.

We do generally have projects in flight that broaden our capabilities or comforts, but we don't let any of those stand in the way of making a trip. Most of the trips we make could be done with a subaru (or even a Yugo and a bit of luck), a cooler and a tent. It's just more comfortable and convenient in the van.

'99 EB ex ENG KSWB news van, low rent 4x4 conversion (mostly fixed by now), home built interior.
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Re: Pre trip psych!?

Myself I hate prepping for a trip anymore and like to just get in and go, but it does depend where I'm going and what time of year it is. The van maintenance is done well in advance for the long trips. All I generally have to load is the stuff I'm scared to leaving in the van in case it gets broke into. I wish I had a garage so the van could stay more readily packed up. I usually pack the food, fuel(s) and water a few days before leaving to get that crap out of the way. I do have a list on my PC that I go over a day or so before heading out. On short trips not much prep work is needed and if I miss something it's not too bad although on the last major weekend off road trip I opened my Hero camera case and found I left it at home. I also keep a note pad of stuff I have to restock, repair or purchase before the next trip. It seems like you always think up great ideas while out on the road and if I donít write it down, Iíll forget every time.
On trips where I know I'll be going off road I like to research recovery companies phone numbers of the area I plan to visit so I can use my Sat phone to be pulled out in case of a breakdown.
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Pre trip psych!?

A friend's commentary on our trip preparations once upon a time.

Fresno's 1st 2012 Ford van.

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(If we'd bought the winch, we'd make a fortune pulling cars out of the snow.)
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The Doghouse: 2012 RB E350 6.8L V-10 4WD
Modified RB 30 w/Front Lockers. PH Top, Kyocera solar and Zamp portable unit
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(If we'd bought the winch, we'd make a fortune pulling cars out of the snow.)
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