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Re: What the F@#OIU@%)O&(T!!!!!!!!!!

That is scary, just think if it happened when you were remote. When my summer tires were put on...two lug nuts where replaced with smaller ones, (unbeknownst to me). Now my torque wrench didn't fit those two lug nuts. I had to get a deep socket to fit. It really pays to check out your rig when it leave the shop.

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Re: What the F@#OIU@%)O&(T!!!!!!!!!!

I feel the dealership should be held responsible.
Wheels don't just fall off.
They should cover all costs of install and damage incurred. IMHO!
A mention of a attorney should be said in the mangers presence.
They should be held to cover attorney costs if they challenge you.
But I know ATTORNEYS SUCK also.

Nice save. Glad you're ok.
Sounds hairy!

Poor service is always my biggest grief.

Two wheels or four, its all good. :-)
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Re: What the F@#OIU@%)O&(T!!!!!!!!!!

Ya, I was having tires rotated once a while back at a local tire shop, they backed the van from the bay and I noticed the front left wheel wobble and almost fall off before I ran out waving my arms and yelling for him to stop. Could have turned into lots more than a tire rotation for them! I now check the lugs. I also have not returned to that shop. Glad it will work out and no one was hurt.
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Re: What the F@#OIU@%)O&(T!!!!!!!!!!

Not good but you did a great job controlling it. I can understand why you're mad. Even the tire could have hurt someone. Glad you're OK. You might want to have another shop check Fords repair. Sorry to hear about the streak of luck your dealing with.
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Re: What the F@#OIU@%)O&(T!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, thanks for all the thoughts. Everyone involved was very lucky on this - especially the random person in a Honda Civic who could have been but wasn't in the other lane when I had to borrow it!

Given the way everything turned out, I don't think there is any point in being mad about this. Getting fully compensated is another issue, and I will make sure that happens. The dealership needs to remember that they are very lucky on this - lucky that no one was in the way, lucky that I was able to control it, lucky that it wasn't the right front wheel that could have sent me into the river, lucky that they have a couple thousand dollar repair instead of a massive insurance claim or court case on their hands.

I know the owners personally, and as long as they make this right, it will stay between me and them. I don't even want the mechanic's head - he's the same guy that identified and corrected my steering issues. And I have about thirty mechanics I'm ultimately responsible for at work. They have made a few mistakes over the years that cost us some big bucks. Unfortunately, human beings are not perfect.

All that said, I will be taking a much more skeptical view of any repairs in the future, and I will double-check the work.

Here's to more positive things like that Door Talon thingamajig. I need to get back out there and give myself a reason to order up one of those!

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