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Originally Posted by rallypanam View Post
Nice, how'd it go?
It was pretty straight forward, the biggest problem was that it was 25degs out and my fingers kept freezing up. Anyway, I decided to use longer bolts, rather than studs, and had two of the old studs strip out the post threads while I was REMOVING them. The posts are injection molded zinc, and pretty soft, but I re-tapped them to 5/16 and applied lots of locktite. A lot of time was spet just finding the correct bolts. The wiring was straight forward too, I cut the plug off the old mirrors and soldered it to the new wires. I haven't driven with them yet, but sitting in the drive way, it looks like visibility with the new convex mirrors is not as good as the round ones on my old mirrors, so I'll stick some new ones on and see if I like them. One more day to finish up little projects then it's off for a couple thousand miles of winter driving. I'm hoping the weather improves.....

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Originally Posted by arctictraveller View Post
The LED back up lights in my rear bumper do a great job of lighting areas directly behind the van, but not so much in the only areas I can see in the mirrors, so I added a couple more that point to the sides. I also added a relay triggered by the factory back up lights, since the total current draw might be a bit much for the stock wiring.
Originally Posted by arctictraveller View Post
I got my new tow mirrors installed, and a cell phone amp too.

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I paid my independant mechanic Gary Ford to decode and replace the charcoal canister vent valve. Oh and clArify that the wiring harness in vicinity of oxygen sensor has been bypassed with new wiring... The latter being in complete contradiction to what the dealer's mechanic told me a few months ago (I had taken her to dealer to diagnose an emissions code on the slim chance it would qualify under the extended emission system warranty. Hah.) I'll take gary fords word over the dealers shop manager's any day.
HellBetty runs much smoother now with fresh solenoid assembly! Existing one was clogged with dirt - no doubt the same fine dust that has also permeated the existing carpet... Perhaps I shall be a mechanic/do it yourself-er in my next life form
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Put in new carpet

Put in a new carpet overlay from SMB West replacing the dirty, sandy, hairy and stained one that had been in the bus for 8 years!
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Replaced coolant recovery tank. When I was working under the hood a couple weeks ago, I notice the recovery tank was looking brittle and there were two bulges on the top with many cracks at each. Since this is under pressure when engine is at temp, that could be ugly if it blew. Quick change = peace of mind.

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Put some steps in so my van is now more "wife friendly".
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^^^ N-fab?
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Swapped on some new Yokohama Geolandar A/T 285/70R17 tires and added an essential working/trail tool to the rear bumper.

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Originally Posted by kmessinger View Post
Put in a new carpet overlay from SMB West replacing the dirty, sandy, hairy and stained one that had been in the bus for 8 years!
Did they custom make that or is it a standard sale item? Id like one for my RB30 van
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in the span of last weekend, so not just today, but finished today with the assistance a few members of the usual

swapped in a lsd sterling ff axle from a 05 f250, swapped out both front hubs so now my van is 8x170. went to 17x9 wheels and went up in tire size to 315/70's.

it was a tiring endevour, but im happy to have that rear axle in there and be able to replace my front hubs with off the shelf parts. now i gotta get used to that fat rear axle...its amazing how much a 3" wider axle changes how far out the apex of corners are, lol.

next on the immediate list is turning front rotors and adding hawk pads (hopefully on thursday) and installing some bushwackers i got on sale over the holidaze. having an inch wider rim on front with wider tires i notice a lot more crap being thrown all over the place

"understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of your car, oversteer is when you hit the wall with the rear of your car, horsepower is how hard your car hits the wall, and torque is how far your car moves the wall."
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