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LED Driving Lights

I've started searching around for some LED driving lights because driving at night in the rain/snow is terrifying with the stock crappy lights.

I really like the Rigid Industries lights, but I'm not so enthusiastic about the prices. I can find lots of less expensive lights that look similar on amazon.

What is your experiences with expensive vs. cheap LED lights? Is it worth it to buy the more expensive lights, or am I just paying for a name? Obviously, there are some super cheap lights that I'm avoiding. Rigid lights do have a good warranty and lots of mounting and switch options.

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So many brands & styles available now, and no doubt you'll get both positive and negative feedback on your solicitation - it may just end out clouding your resolve. Very rarely am I surprised with an inexpensive item I've purchased (although it has happen). With that said, I would recommend going with a proven "name brand"...usually a good reason they cost a little more. I've been using PIAA's for quite some time and NEVER had an issue - also like the beam pattern projected, and the volume of light (with less bulbs). However, they do not offer the "variety" other brands do.

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Rigid gains you efficiency. You get high output, and low watts.

Also, they are better waterproofed, and have better vibration resistance internally.

Worth it? I have a Rigid for my main in-grill lightbar. I want it to work no matter what. For everything else, I've gone with the cheap stuff. Most of it (backup and docking lights) are redundant, so if one failed, not the end of the world. And replacements are cheap too.

If you *need* the driving lights, I'd venture to recommend Rigids for your application. Also, Rigid has better beam control. The patterns are exactly as stated. The cheaper stuff has less precise beam patterns, without defined pattern like the rigids (Note - they don't have sharp cutoffs like projector headlights)
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Since installing some of Scott's (REDOVAL) HID headlights I have rarely, like one time, used my secondary driving lights. I have no connection to Scott other than being a customer a few years ago. You should do what you think is best, but, if I was going to do it again and invest into lighting I would improve my regular headlights first. For the money I've noticed for high quality LED lights the same money would get really good headlights. I realize headlights aren't as fun as a bad ass light bar though. Don't tell Scott I said that. Just throwing a thought out there.

- Eric
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One thing I forgot to mention is that we spend a lot of our time driving through rainy or dusty conditions. An amber light instead of white light would be helpful. I've got amber aux lights on my motorbike and I much prefer that to bright white light in adverse conditions. Upgrading the regular headlights doesn't make sense to me because they work just fine for regular use.

I think I'm leaning towards the Rigid lights because I can get an amber lens cover so they will work great for dual purpose.
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Hi...Ive been through the expensive Ridgid/ARB LED lights and have found two excellent alternative options on Amazon. I have used the Auxbeam 7" driving lights on a couple of Land Rover Defenders, and I am incredibly impressed with the build quality at an exceptional price. I am using them as lower bumper lights in my Aluminess front bumper. I too wanted amber for the driving lights, and I am using Lamin-X 7" yellow film on these, which protects the lens. They last and work great. I replaced the 9" Hella driving lights on the top of the bumper with, what I believe to be the same exact mfr lights as the ARB 9" LED's.
(The reviews are great, and i really do believe that these are the exact same as the ARB's)
I actually think that if you are careful with brands--Auxbeam, etc. That you can value engineer your LED driving light options, sometimes at 1/4 the ARB or Ridgid price. Reviews on both options are excellent and I am 2 years in and happy. Also, the Lamin-X filters are really a good option.
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I researched the cheap Chinese lightbars and even dry-fit a 52" lightbar on the roof but was not happy with the glare off the hood. And I couldn't come up with a rain gutter mount to my liking either.

I talked to Bailey at Baja Designs and came up with a plan to turn night into day. I don't need a spot that seems ubiquitous on every truck I see driving around these days. I can use the HID upgrade from Redoval for long distance. You really only need a spot if your driving off road at 80 mph. So, my design was for basic driving lights for off road mainly for finding a campsite in the dark as well as a wide cornering light to illuminate the sides for turns and deer on the side of the road. I also swapped out the anemic hella fogs in the aluminess bumper for amber LED fogs.

-XL80 driving combo
-XL Sport wide cornering with an amber lens for fog and snow
-S2 Pro flush mount in the bumper for cornering
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Redoval is a member on this forum and provides projector retrofits for our vans. The HID or LED retrofit will definitely be an upgrade. He also recently posted some led driving lights on his social media that look pretty good. Heres a link to the driving lights on his website...
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Driving lights
Or Headlights?
Those two words to me have different definitions.
I have and very much like my Truck-lite 5X7 LED headlights.

As for my driving lights, I prefer quality halogen bulbs, I have Hella 700ff and very much like them too but they serve different uses.
(No current pic available )
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Really good info on this thread.

I wonder if the 2019 Sprinter will have somewhat better headlights than currently....


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