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Anybody out there with an EB42 or EB44 plan with pics?

Hi - I've decided to get a SMB. My Quigley 4X4 is on order and now trying to figure out a floorplan. I will predominately use my SMB as a tow vehicle for my Airstream trailer so I'm looking for a lot of seating, small galley (would only use to prep snacks while underway), a fully enclosed toilet and, in a pinch, sleeping for at least 1. I really like the EB42 or EB44 plans (with a modification to make the galley a bit smaller to i can put a captains chair behind the passenger. This would get me 3 captains chairs and, with an ~ 70 inch sofa seating for 4 comfortably and, with kids, even 7 if i put 4 on the couch.

Does anybody have an EB42 or EB44 (or slightly modified) plan with a fixed top (voyager or contempo) that would be willing to share some pics with me? I've also attached a copy of my draft plan and would love feedback from other SMB owners on the plan. What works doesn't work? suggestions to make it better? thanks
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Re: Anybody out there with an EB42 or EB44 plan with pics?

More info on your planned usage would make it easier to evaluate your design. Based on what you said (4x4, tow Airstream) and hints from your design, I am guessing that this is a dual-purpose rig for both full-hookup campgrounds for many people and remote sleeps-one-inside with no hookups. Based on that, my random observations are:

- SMB standard front curtain runs along the front doors and windshield which includes the swivel front seats in the camper at night. Driver swivel only rotated 90 degrees due to the steering wheel
- I suggest adding 12 volt outlets at each end of the bench seat and near the back captain's chair.
- If the back captain's chair can be conveniently removed, consider installing a gaucho that could sleep two
- Showers use too much water for most SMB water & grey-water storage systems for remote use.
- Swap cabinet H to passenger side and put sink in its place. This will vastly simplify your water and grey-water system, including freeze-proofing.
- How freeze-proof does your water system need to be? If it needs to be freeze-proof, consider putting small sink water/grey-water tanks inside and large tanks underneath for shower. Have 1" foam put under inside water tanks
- Consider using 1- or 2- burner propane stove (w/ 1# cylinders) when needed instead of built-in stove. Cooking inside creates a big condensation problem and the built-in stove makes the counter much less useable. I took my inside stove out to get the counter space back and have not regretted it.
- Blackwater holding tank for toilet and grey water tank for shower eats underneath spare space so a rear tire mount is needed
- Where do house batteries go and how many? Inside eats space under bench seat, outside increases charging issues in cold weather.
- What kind of water heating for shower and where does it go? How will you freeze proof it?
- Do you need hanging space in a cabinet? if not consider all drawers in cabinet C
- We have a open space behind one of our cabinets like your sketch and find it very useful. We have robe hooks here mounted high for our daypacks, extra jackets, etc. with chairs & msc. gear bags on floor.
- Table top could mount inside behind the shower stall. Post and tripod legs go under bench seat
- given all of your systems (shower, frig, microwave, water/grey-water), Storage is a bit skimpy for independent camping usage. An overflow storage box (Yakima, Thule, etc) for the roof would be helpful
- Do you have plans to include a furnace? If so, where will it go? What kind of fuel and where will that go? How does furnace/hot water/stove/engine fuel systems overlap for storage space and usage?
- If you can live without a microwave when not plugged into shore power, consider 12-volt everything to reduce battery consumption and eliminate the need for an expensive ($ & power) inverter (12v to 110v)
- I would not expect a long trip to be quiet with 4 kids seated on the bench seat.
- How tall are you? the standup space provided by the penthouse is fabulous even if you (or guests) never sleep upstairs.

Hope this helps

2004 SMB w/Penthouse - Ford 2wd RB 6.0 - new to us in 2011
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Re: Anybody out there with an EB42 or EB44 plan with pics?

Thanks for your thoughtful reply! Some comments based on your notes:

1. I only expect to use the SMS as a "camper" on very rare occasions. Most of the time it will be our RV tow vehicle though, given i'm spending so much on the SMB I want to retain some form of sleeping/independent RV capability for future resale value. (I'd thought about just building a van with 3 rows of captains chair then a bath/tiny galley in the back but then figured i'd be creating too custom a vehicle)
2. extra 12V outlets - thanks for catching that!
3. My most frequent "other" use of the vehicle would be for beach trips where it would be nice to have the shower if needed. I know 2.5 gal of hot h20 isn't much so it's definately "navy" showers (same as in our trailer)
4. getting sink to drivers side is a great idea (to minimize plumbing runs, etc.) will see if that can be done.
H20 tank will go inside (for freeze protection) and as weather gets cold i always put some rv antifreeze into my current holding tanks to prevent any freezing. Will winterize h20 system for winter and, if we use in the winter
5. Thanks for stove idea; something to definitely consider.
6. Advice on batteries is great; haven't gotten to that point yet with SMB
7. large closet/open space in the rear is for camping "stuff" and to keep it out of sight when underway and properly secured. SMB will put removable clothes pole into this closet so we have option to use it as hanging space.
8. Will have furnace; SMB will mount it under fridge and move fridge a little higher
9. Agree about kids on long trip . We only have 1 (hence reason to require at least 1 (safer) forward facing seat but wanted to extra space for occasional passenger.
10. Going with contemp top as I want bath to have full walls on all 4 sides to give privacy while in luse. Getting contempo top though, while i like extra storage/height of larger hard top, want to keep clearance as low as possible.

My van is at Quigley now and just waiting for 4X4 to be done so we can start the SMB conversion!

Thanks again

My van is now at Quigley's awaiting 4X4 conversion and I can't wait to get started on my build.
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