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As soon as my vacuum pump was replaced the ac worked perfectly.
Cold air was always present just not through the main vents.

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Thanks for the info. I am picking up van today and will talk to rich to see if compressor was checked after vac pump was installed.

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Picked up van yesterday and talked to Rich, he said compressor had a leak in it and needed to be replaced. Always feel good after leaving dealership and talking to Rich. I just hope I don't make this visit too often. I believe the next time I will talk to Rich will b in a few weeks at a meet in the Alabama Hills.C YA!
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FWIW, 1der and I found a place in LA that sells complete hydro-boost kits for $800 off of scrapped E-450 ambulances. Includes everything, including steering boxes. If anyone is interested, PM me or 1der.
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We had a vacuum pump failure leaving the Biltmore this year after the Expo east. It seized, and by the time I got to a good place to pull over, the serpentine belt had come apart. We just so happened to come to a stop in front of a very nice family's house. They invited us to pull into their backyard and camp for the night... Which was extra fun due to a steep incline and no power steering.

I took an uber to Napa on Sunday morning and grabbed a new belt and vacuum pump (be sure to get the one with the a new pulley already installed). Had everything back together in 2-3 hours. The 7.3L vac pump has 3 bolts, a couple that were kinda tough to get at but nothing too bad. I'd recommend adding a set ratcheting box wrenches to your tool kit (10 MM bolts on the vac pump). The serpentine belt was a whole lot easier to route with an extra set of hands, thanks Charlie (the guy whose house we camped out at came out to see how I was doing right about this point).

All in all, we spent an extra night in NC and about $200. The new-to-me 7.3L has around 250k on it. I'd be curious to know if this was the first failure. Definitely would have been a serious problem if we'd been in the backcountry. I've added this to the preventative maintenance list after another 100k.

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