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Re: Warning to 6.0 PSD Owners with Amsoil System

Mikes on point. I ran mine for quite some time and did have an injector issue but can't say that the filter and/or routing issue was the problem. I did have an EGR problem at the time. Tests after I had them change to the correct oil line routing were all good and when my engine was bullet proofed at 90K the shop said it looked like a new engine. I take it you're now using the Donaldson P553411.

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Re: Warning to 6.0 PSD Owners with Amsoil System

Thanks Dave (& Mike), I had a good talk with Amsoil Jim and he assurred me that the "backwards filtering" of the past 25,000 miles is unlikely to have caused any engine damage,.. Filters still supposedly functioning, just backwards. I was having trouble getting the Donaldson 553411 filter, so I am currently using a Wix 51411 instead (recommended by Amsoil Jim as equivalent), along with a new Amsoil EaBP-100 bypass filter, both changed when I swapped the hoses. I'm waiting for the results of the Blackstone oil test, but Amsoil Jim thinks that my Amsoil DME oil change with 4000 miles on it is probably still fine.
As far as the CEL issue and sporatic flashing overdrive "Off" light that I was experiencing, an Innova 3100 OBD-II code reader says "No Powertrain DTC's or Freeze Frame Data is presently stored in the vehicle's computer" ??, and the CEL has disappeared? I expect that it may return next time I make a long drive. I read that the flashing overdrive "Off" light on the shift lever is indicative of a transmission problem?, but I'm still thinking that it might have been sticking vanes in the turbo since there seemed to be lower power when starting up from a stop.

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Just to check, seems like this issue was discovered in around '08. So a 2010 SMB with amsoil should be fine? I'll still give it a look though!
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Anyone know how often Amsoil oil and filter should be changed? I've read and heard various different suggested mileages.
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Hello everyone. I have a 2003 chassis with the 7.3 liter engine. SMB 4x4.
I installed the Amsoil remote filtration system myself after SMB had installed the mounting points. Did this because I was not past the break in mileage and wanted to wait a bit. I now have just over 97,000 miles and have had excellent oil analysis results the entire time.

Referring to John and Dana's original post has left me in more of a state of confusion then I'm usually in. Here's the quote from that original post:

"For the following description I will refer to the oil ports as right and left with the right being the passengers side and the left being the drivers side."

Looking at the assembly diagram that D and J received from Heber it appears that driver side port from the engine mounted adapter goes to the driver side port on the block adapter that holds the filters. (Lets forget left and right for now). I have the original installation instructions from my Amsoil kit and the graphic is identical to the one in the first post by D and J. If the posted diagram provided by Heber is correct (backed up by my original diagram) then shouldn't drivers side port go to drivers side port?

I suppose that the left right orientation on the engine mounted adapter could be different depending on how the threads started and how much or little the adapter was torqued. In any case my engine adapter is labeled "out" and is on the drivers side. So my install is driver to driver ports and pax to pax ports which agrees with the diagram in post one but disagrees with D and J's original statement of left to right etc.

I have not checked the temperature by hand or otherwise which I will do soon but unless the diagram provided by Heber and the one I have is wrong then I fail to understand the issue unless the graphic is wrong or the ports mislabeled.

Hope someone can clear this up for my simple mind...
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I don't know if the 7.3L Amsoil system is hooked up the same way as the 6.0L system.


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