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1998 E-350, 7.3 PSD, Agile 4x4 with lift etc. I just finished a 3000 mile round trip from CO to PA and back. Best tank was 13.25 MPG, worst was 10 MPG (coming back across Kansas with massive head wind). Avg tank was 12.5MPG with AC running.

I have no chip or anything yet and expect this to go up a bit once I can add an intercooler and chip it to tweak the fuel profile.

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I'm almost certain there's an old thread here with a good data sample of mpg's, maybe I'll try to dig it up.

Here's my general info: E350 EB, 2wd, 5.4L, 35" tires, 4.56 gears, roughly 7k lbs normal/empty, up to 16k combined when loaded/towing.

Average combined (empty, or light hauling, no trailer): 12-14mpg
Average when towing, or any tank that has significant off road use: 10mpg

...and on the rare occassion that I see a whole tank on the interstate, I've seen 16-18mpg... I didn't believe it the first time, but it's totally do-able on flatter highway drives; So-cal, anywhere in the desert, etc., never driven it in the truly flat states.

There has been one tank that dipped below 9mpg, but that was when I noticed failing coils/plugs, the repeated misfires blew off a vacuum hose, so the injectors were dumping fuel trying to compensate... so not really a valid data point.

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1990 E-250, 2WD, stock tires, pop-up roof, 302 cid V8, 4-speed automatic.
It's highly terrain dependent. On the flat I've seen 15. On the other hand, many trips out of where I live start with long climbs up 6% or better grades, and that can easily pull it down to 9 or 10. WOT in 2nd gear isn't much good for economy.
Total weight is right around 7,000 pounds, which is actually pretty light by E-series Sportsmobile standards.
Basically, pushing all that weight uphill takes a lot of energy. Likewise, city fuel economy sucks because I'm constantly bringing all that weight to a stop and then having to get it rolling again.

Back in the day I once got 19 mpg highway in an E-150 Club Wagon, but that was on the flat, without camping gear to carry around.
1990 E-250 Sportsmobile w/ penthouse top, converted in 1990 by SMB Texas.
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2007 E350 V10, 4.56 gears on 33" tires. Lifetime average is 11.8 mpg. That figure comes from data entered into an Excel spreadsheet since the day I bought the van, not a guess or readout of some digital display.
Worshipper of Wild Country
2007 Quigley V-10 on 33s with 4.56 gears (Toyhauler)
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13 - 14 mpg average in a heavy 2006 E-350 diesel 6.0 - (fully loaded weights in about 11,800lbs) equipped with 35's, 4:56 gears (turns about 2300rpm to do 72mph), and a mild 40hp 5-Star tune... includes contending with aerodynamic misfits such as an aluminess front bumper & roof rack with a protruding Thule storage box.
All in All, any potential MPG savings the Diesel may have VS a loaded 5.4 or V-10 gasser I believe are negated if you factor in maintenance costs...more so for 6.0 than 7.3.

**IMO it more important to consider if it fits your criteria & equipped to serve your purpose, than to focus on Mileage.
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I have a 1998 E250 EB50 with 5.4L V8 SOHC 16V, 2WD and Michelin Defender LT225/75R16 (Load Rating E). I get 18mpg consistently. Of course, I drive no faster than 65mph.

I was originally looking at VW Eurovan Campers. They get 18-22, but even at 14mpg, you will never be sorry you bought a Sportsmobile.
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Originally Posted by 1der View Post
I have decided having one of these is not about fuel mileage. LOL!

"Sir, may I interest you in a Prius and a pup tent?"
1995 E350 7.3 Diesel, 4x4 high roof camper, UJOR 4" lift
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Originally Posted by TheLetterJ View Post
I'm almost certain there's an old thread here with a good data sample of mpg's, maybe I'll try to dig it up.
As traffic is getting faster over time, current data is probably relevant as well.

'99 EB ex ENG KSWB news van, low rent 4x4 conversion (mostly fixed by now), home built interior.
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Exclamation 2017 Sportsmobile Sprinter RB Mileage

The mileage will depend greatly upon how, where the vehicle is driven and weather conditions. E.G., driving downhill with the wind at your back gets the best mileage, driving uphill with the wind in your face gives the poorest mileage.

I can get 14+ miles per gallon average in most highway driving, if I keep the speed reasonable. If I try to drive at the highest speed limits on an interstate (70, 75, 80, depending upon location), the mileage may only be about 12mpg +/-.

I have a loaded Sprinter RB with 32in all terrain tires, which will reduce the mileage.

One does not purchase a Sportsmobile to get good gas mileage and I think most claims of 18 or more miles per gallon must be either exaggerated or do not reflect highway speed, vehicle load, vehicle configuration or realistic driving conditions.

Sure, I think I can get really good mileage while driving off highway at 25-30 miles per gallon, but that is not where most miles will be accumulated on your vehicle, unless you already live in the wilderness.
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2001 4x4 E350 RB 7.3L 4.10 pop top on 33s, 9,500 lbs. We recently completed a drive through the Americas, just under 4 years, and averaged 14.68 miles per US gallon over the 56,600 mile trip. That includes crossing the Andes almost a dozen times, 16,000 feet being the highest pass, with approximately 30% of our miles on dirt or rocky tracks. During one year we never broke 45 miles per hour, 30mph being our estimated average (our gps died so we don’t have the actual figure). Compared to friends in gas Econolines, we didn’t require 4x4 as much as they did for ascents...something to consider.

2001 7.3 E350 Ujoint 4" w/ SMB Penthouse
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