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Progressive agent Jasvir ext

Originally Posted by Ketcham View Post
I did not state any type of conversion. Progressive will not cover anything SMB does since SMB does not get their vans directly by Ford. I made the argument that Unicat, Earthroamer, Winabago and Streamline do not manufacture their own chassis. He looked into it further...for 90 minutes. Since SMB gets their vans through a dealership, everything is not manufacturer installed. He was very specific stating that any Progressive policy regarding a SMB was made with determination’ manufacturer installed’. SMB is not Ford and therefore the policy will not be honored when a claim occurs. Call Jasvir at 1800 289 7704 ext. 374 0085.

My quote for $139,000 plus $1,000,000 liability coverage was $168/mo or $2016/yr. Off road use was OK.
This Jasvir - it's a 10 digit ext vs 7 ... by any chance can you post it here?

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Thought I'd add my $0.02 here. I'm a USAA member and have all my other lines with them. In the process of (hopefully) buying a 2003 SMB RB 2wd (picking up tomorrow), purchase price of $22k.

I started with USAA and they obviously referred me to Progressive. The first agent I spoke with at progressive couldn't even find SMB on her list. After a long conversation, she said they couldn't write the coverage.

So, she referred me to Foremast (via USAA customers). Foremost seemed much more knowledgeable, but their quote was almost $800. On top of that, it was still an actual cash value policy. I asked how that value was determined - they said they would definitely use my purchase price, in the short term. Though, after awhile, they would use market comparables. They assured me that they would use reasonable comparables and that they specialize in the RV/pleasure vehicle policies, and that they would work with me to make sure the value I received was very close to the worth of the vehicle. I researched them online, and they seem like a pretty good company, but the ACV policy still scared me.

So, I tried using progressive's quote system online. I was surprised to see SMB pop up, so I thought I might have better luck. But, after putting the policy together, I still ended up with an ACV quote. Talked to a different agent, and she pretty much told me the same thing as before - they didn't even want to insure it, since it wasn't a van and wasn't an RV. At that point, I decided Progressive probably wasn't going to work.

NEXT, I tried good sam. Put together a policy that was very affordable with low deductibles and good coverage. Before finalizing, I spoke with an agent to get some details. He told me the same story - this was an ACV policy and it could only be written that way. He typed in all the details and came up with a NADA estimate a few thousand less than the purchase price. That seemed fair, but I just wondered how that would change in a year. Once again, not very comfortable with the ACV.

Finally, per recommendations in this thread, I called Justin of Gennock Insurance. I'm located in CA, so no issues there. I gave him the details and purchase price, and he wrote an AGREED VALUE policy with safeco for $25k (price including taxes, tags, etc). This policy ended up being $500/yr and has $500 deductible with 500k coverage - better than just about all the others.

I reviewed the declaration page, and everything is written up as he said, agreed value. I'm still waiting to get the full policy package, but I'm hoping I've got all the right coverage in place. If so, I'd highly recommend using.

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My 99 SMB is covered through Allstate's RV policy for up to $30K FWIW.
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A number of folks have talked about having an estimate/appraisal on file for unique vehicles and I agree. I haven't had an issue with my van (fingers crossed), but I had a highly modified Defender 110 broken into and the insurance company balked at paying for anything that wasn't "original equipment"

After I reminded them of the professional appraisal that they had on file from me when they wrote the policy, they covered everything.

A good appraisal will call out in great detail all the components of the vehicle. It can help if you have that list to give to the appraiser.
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So is Safeco the way to go? I'am in washington and looking for the best full cost coverage available. Any tips?
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Ive been threw a few of them and by far Formost is the best. My van got vandalized last year and it was the first time I had to put in a claim. they wavied the 1000 dollar deductible and put 10,ooo in my bank before I even started the repairs. My broker works for Campbell insurance in Laguna Beach and her name is pam. 949-4941000. tell her steve bernede sent u. Good luck!
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I am in Washington State, and I have State Farm. I set up an agreement with State Farm before I bought my rig--which started as a 2WD SMB.

1. I provided State Farm with a copy of the NADA value of my van--NADA had my VIN, and provided a specific value of the van as a 2WD rig. State Farm agreed to insure it for that amount.

2. Prior to purchase, I provided State Farm with a list of my intended upgrades, including a 4WD conversion at a cost of close to $20,000. They agreed to increase the insured value of the van as I performed the upgrades.

On that basis, I bought the van, and State Farm provided the insurance. I just completed the 4x4 upgrade, and State Farm increased the insured value by $20k, as promised, at an additional annual cost of about $90. It has been an easy process, and I have the coverage I want.
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My experience using insurance after my van was totalled

The short story is that our van was totalled due to a shop's mistake. The shop took responsibility and I worked with both insurance companies to figure out what to do. For details the full thread is here:

This quote is a snippet from post #76 about my insurance experience:

Every step of the way their default position position is to fall back on the VIN number and a low ball “kelly blue book” style valuation quote. I’ve seen this now from many multiple departments at My Insurer (State Farm) and the Shop Insurer (Nationwide). At each juncture a few things have been helpful:

a) My van was registered and insured as a motorhome. Every single representative at State Farm misses this the first time and I have to make them go re-read the initial contract; but once they have done so they stop arguing. I think the process would have been much more difficult without this.

b) Nationwide was very helpful but they didn’t see/understand the van and didn’t have existing paperwork to fall back on. The “sportsmobile” and “quigley” branding turns out to be helpful here. They are unmistakable in photos and adjusters can relatively quickly turn these into search terms for comparable vans that are for sale. (NOTE: I gave up on getting Nationwide to followthrough on this once State Farm offered a settlement. So despite Nationwide’s better communications they started to fall behind due to the lack of contract clearly indicating the motorhome status).

In recent discussion my state farm representative he confirmed the importance of keeping them clear on exactly what they are covering. He indicates that everything permanent is covered and that the more clarity i provide (see above) the easier the process will be. Exactly conforming to our experience. I will be specifically requesting stickers and branding on my next van even though my normal preference is to remove them.
Its worth noting that my experience was that I had to help them at every step of the way without pushing my position on them. So, for example, I would call and stay on the phone and answer any questions and when they transferred my claim to another department I'd followup or stay on the phone through the transfer. In practice this meant I was on the phone with two insurance companies almost every day. I took careful notes and asked questions and generally made a *polite* pain of myself.

Something to understand: they are like robots. The van is totaled if the estimated repairs are about 75% of the estimated value.

The process went something like this (and recall every conversation pretty much started from scratch, and was run in parallel with two insurance companies):

1) initial damage estimates were for the body work and nothing else. This was about an $8K estimate

2) this against the VIN totaled the van. the estimator called it a day and went home.

3) but the value discussion included the conversion. this put the van back into "not totaled state"

4) but the estimate didn't cover anything other than the body work. so we had to back up and get the estimator to go back out and finish the job.

5) this put us back into the 'totaled' state. This was never successfully recorded in their system though so from now on every person I talked to thought that there was an error and tried to reset the process. every one was very polite but had to be corrected.

6) valuation was remarkably easy once we were all on the same page. See above. The short answer: make sure they know what they are insuring, have paperwork, and keep 'sportmobile' and '4x4' locals/decals prominent so the photos back up your statements.

7) i shudder to think what would have happened if they didn't total it. they are not setup to properly estimate custom repairs. I had collected quotes on new work and was ready for that conversation but eventually didn't need it.

8) because my insurance reached settlement first I let the shop pay out my deductible and incidental rental car (that got me home). as a result my insurance goes after their insurance for the settlement amount.

FYI - nationwide was *on it* regarding medical expenses and issues for my passengers. i was seriously impressed with their empathy and willingness in this area. fortunately nobody was really hurt so this wasn't a big issue in our case.
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Just thought Id add my plan to this compilation of figures for those desiring a comparison.

My van is as noted below in my signature.
Paid in full/cash (no loan): $55,975 (brand new 2017 Chevy van) out the door price with Quigley 4x4, LIFT, and shocks, and all the factory options one could get. It is not insured or registered as motorhome (yet). It is currently registered as a commercial vehicle.

StateFarm has the price of the Quigley 4x4 at the top of the policy listed as "Original cost of customization": $13,500., which is included in the total price paid of $55,975.

The rest of the policy is as follows:
Liability: 250,000/ 500,000
Property damage: 100,000: $211

Comprehensive (no deductible): $111

250 deductible collision: $325

Emergence Road Service: $4

Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV)
Bodily injury 250,00/500,000: $46

Uninsured Motor Vehicle
Property Damage: $1.

Note: UMV is really great to have, it covers you even when riding your bike, walking across the street, or riding as a passenger in someone else's car, you just have to sue the insurance company to recover, and you can't be the one at fault in the accident. This was recommended by my union's attorney, a man who has sued insurance companies under the UMV coverage many times and won. Thats why you want the UMV maxed, because you won't recover (with an attorney) more than what is listed in the policy.

Total annual cost of this police: $1,400.00

Note: This price includes the following discounts:
Multiple Line
Driving Safety record
California Good Driver

Note: I recently made the mistake of telling them my milage and they "estimated" my annual milage rate at 18,000. The actual "annual" milage will be more like 12,000, but I drove it a lot the first five months (7,000 miles). Hopefully it goes back to $1200 a year like it was when the annual yearly milage was estimated at 12,000 miles (which I plan to keep it very close to). I also plan to shop around for other insurance plans. State farm has always taken good care of me, but I've never had to file a claim for a "total loss."

New owner:
2017 Chevy 3500 Express (windowless cargo van with 6.0 V-8 gas engine), Quigley 4x4, and Quigley 3-inch lift, with Bilstien shock option. -Ordered November 2016 through local dealer, drove it home May 2017.
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Hi there,

If all goes well, this summer we're expecting our 2018 4x4 2500 144 RB Low Roof PH

This is an example quote we got for insurance. Appreciate thoughts if our coverages look right!

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