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Abitibi 09-06-2014 12:02 AM

Check out Granny!
Not sure my pictures will post properly but if it works then you get to see my newest addition :)

She's a '65 Ford Econoline Falcon. Couldn't afford another project so found something I could enjoy right away while still working on my AmbuLand...

Mr. D

twogone 09-06-2014 09:29 AM

Re: Check out Granny!

daveb 09-06-2014 04:55 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
Nice! You don't see many of those around.

Abitibi 09-06-2014 06:54 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
I didn't expect this but i actually enjoy driving it way better than my old '65 VW bus. The heat is a nice bonus ;)

Abitibi 11-29-2014 01:20 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
Just updating some pictures directly on the site before Tapachat crashes on me again!

I guessed she's a bit of a chick magnet (sorry if I'm politically incorrect)

That interior might have a cool shaggy factor but it needs to go! I'll add a bench/bed combo so that i can take my boys on trips with me. I don't wanna do too much since i already have the Ambo going but there's definitely room for improvement!

This is one option for the ceiling

And i might go the Westy style for the interior.

Mr. D

86Scotty 11-29-2014 02:25 PM

Re: Check out Granny!

Viva 11-29-2014 05:34 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
How cool is that! :l1:

BajaSportsmobile 11-29-2014 08:54 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
Put one of these on top...

Abitibi 11-29-2014 11:31 PM

Re: Check out Granny!
Turtle top! I looked for a while for one of those but the ones i saw had to much rust for their asking price. This one just sold locally for a great price. A bit of rust but manageable.

How about this British one, also locally owned. That one is purely amazing!

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