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scatter 07-20-2008 09:51 AM

Falling Shelf
As I was banging around the Smoke Creek and Black Rock deserts last week, I once again was attacked by the dreaded falling shelf. My wife looked back and said she thot something was wrong. Good call sweetie! :a5:

This happened once before down in Baja. :a7:
What happens is that the screws holding the shelf to the cabinets work themselves loose and then the whole mess falls and is hanging from the wires to the over the sink light. (Those are the red and white wires in the left side of the photo.) Last time I just thought that maybe the screws weren't tightened all the way by SMB so I just reinstalled 'em (not easy to reach) and went on my merry way.
You can see the little angle brackets and the way they got bent as the screws came loose.
Well, after this time, and once again having to put the little screws back in to continue the trip, I decided to fix it right.

When I got home I dropped the left side again (I've never had a problem with the right side and the screws are always tight) and drilled thru the shelf and cabinet and installed the brackets with machine screws with nyloc nuts.

I also added an additional bracket to the center of the shelf as the shelf was beginning to sag a little in the middle. No way that sucker is coming down again!
The only place my thru screws show is just to the left off the Xantrex gage. That's the black "dot" which is the screw head and washer.
Well, not much of a project, but something that REALLY needed to be done. You folks that do a lot of rough road driving might reach back in there and see/feel if your screws are backing out. Believe me, when it falls it's not fun getting it back up where it belongs.

cellularSTEVE 07-20-2008 02:14 PM

Hasn't happened to me...yet. But when we were in Death Valley, same thing happend to Jage.

Jage did you fix yours in a similar way?

steve :c3:

jage 07-20-2008 11:23 PM

I just put the screws back. I need to go glue them into place with something I guess before this reoccurs for me too.

Roubo 07-21-2008 08:44 AM

I've had a few screws work out too, so replaced them with a larger diameter (#10 for #8, #8 for #6, etc.), and they hold fine. As an added bonus, the replacements had a lower profile head, so where the screw heads come in contact with stuff, like on the upper ledges, there is less interference with the stuff. I also threw s amall assortment of replacements in my toolbox since nothing, as we know, ever fails at home...

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