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Jammyauto 11-30-2014 02:26 PM

Sold 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Selling my sportsmobile. Just in time for a Christmas Baja trip!
Smb specs
2005 EB350 diesel SMB 4x4

24639 miles
Sportsmobile penthouse top
6.0 Diesel engine
remote mounted engine coolant filter (spin on)
Sportsmobile (not Quigley) 4x4
includes AA Atlas transfer case
Old man emu shocks
New (under 100 miles) BFG AT E rated tires (5)
American racing teflon rims
Hella TPMS system
Pioneer double DIN stereo with color reverse camera and ipod control
GPS antennae mounted on roof
Extreme air onboard compressed air system with tank
Aluminess front and rear bumpers with rear storage box and tire mount
aluminess side ladder
Leather front seats
CB radio
Power paddle mirrors
factory tow package and trailer brake controller
opening windows in rear doors
Swivel front seats
Bushwacker fender flairs
Carr steps

Camper components
128 watt roof mounted solar system
Blue sky 2000E MPPT solar charge controller
Xantrex prosine 2.0 inverter
Xantrex battery charger
Dual AGM marine house batteries
Blue sea digital meter 12v circuit board
Espar diesel air furnace
Espar diesel hydronic heater
Isotherm 6 gallon dual heat exchanger hot water heater
One coil is fed by the van engine and the other is fed by the espar
Isotherm cruise 85 12v fridge/freezer with ASU option
Princess marine dual cooktop with external (under the van) mounted removeable
aluminium marine propane tank
Color matched awning with custom body mounts (no holes drilled in body)
29 gallon on board water storage
rear under floor storage
Rear shower and portapottie storage (not in the galley!)

I bought the van new from SMB with the cab done (front leather seats etc), 4x4, top and some windows installed. I did the rest of the interior myself. I spoke with them at the time about espar diesel appliances and they did not want to use them. I had seen numerous sportspmobiles and thought that many improvements could be made. I felt the cabinets could be lighter. The electrical system could be better. The appliances could be better quality. The bed could be wider. Interior storage could be better. Fresh water holding capacity could be better. This is what I set out to do with this van.

The interior is laid out like a VW westfalia with a forward facing rear seat that folds into a bed (OE sportsmobile). The seat has seat belts for three persons but this would only work with children. Two adults pretty much take up the seat. The galley is on the left with the fridge behind the drivers seat. The cabinets are constructed of 1/8th" birch plywood held together with fiberglass tape and west systems
epoxy. This is a pretty standard construction method for boats. The cabinets are very light, strong and waterproof (no rotting etc). They also don't have screws or nails to come loose or rattle.

Included with the van is a separate accessory sportsmobile power top lifter. Also included is a custom color matched exterior cab cover made by Jonce upholstery that covers the windshield and front door windows. It has bug screens built in so you can roll down the front windows for some extra ventilation while you are camping.

Also included is a very organized folder with owners manuals and receipts for all appliances and accessories used in the build as well as all service history and fuel log since new.

It comes with the box that mounts on the rear of the Aluminess bumper but it's currently removed while some minor repairs are being done to it. There are a few minor things that need finishing. I never really drove the van at night so I never installed any driving lights but I have some that will be included with the van. It also needs to have the thermostate for the espar hydronic heater hooked up. I never finished this as we never stayed in the same spot for more than one night. With daily driving the engine operation will give you all the hot water you will need. Half the fun of owning a rig like this is doing stuff to it so there will be a couple items for the new owner to take finish. I may try to finish up some of this in the next week or so, like the espar hydronic heater.

Offered at 59,900.00

There are a bunch of pictures of the van in my gallery. Feel free to call 805-689-2651 or email me at
Seth Hatfield

Jammyauto 11-30-2014 02:31 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
I forgot to ad the van is located in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Pete320 11-30-2014 03:05 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Is the van title as regular van or Class b motorhome from Sportsmobile?

Jammyauto 11-30-2014 04:59 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
The van is titled as a 2005 Ford E350, not as a RV.


Bestcat 12-05-2014 08:22 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Nice van Seth. Newbie here.... pls tell me about the vinyl covers on the sides. Are those snaps? and whats inside?

Jammyauto 12-09-2014 06:45 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Those are storage cubbies. There are 14 or 15 of them and we used them too keep our clothing and such in. We are a family of four and so we each a few of these. There are a couple that are bigger that we used for towels and linens and a couple smaller ones towards the front we used for toiletries. The vinyl "doors" have a few advantages. They open from any direction, they are very light weight and they do not rattle on the washboard roads.

mikracer 12-09-2014 10:11 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Your garage... :e5:

catmandu 12-10-2014 08:26 AM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
speaking of the garage, how about the vehicle parked next to the sporty!!!

I like the direction you took this van. Smarter materials than the particle board cabinets that are standard sportsmobile. The "cubes" are wise as you can stuff each full. The sportsmobile cabinets were not conducive to this as you had to have clothes packaged or they would fall out when you opened the terrible sliding doors that always came open as you drive down the road.

Well thought out.

Jammyauto 12-10-2014 10:23 AM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Thanks for the complements guys. Here is some more garage porn for you. This is when I was still working on the interior of the garage. It's 33' x 40' with a rotary in ground lift. I have not put the sporty up on the lift but it should work if I wanted to. They put them up on lifts with the same capacity all the time at SMB west. Still it just scares me. Not like a regular sized car at all.

larrie 12-10-2014 07:54 PM

Re: 2005 SMB 4x4 EB350 Diesel one owner low miles for sale
Where did you get the kente cloth curtains? They look great.

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