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JWA 12-11-2017 05:36 AM

E-Series Window Elimination?
Just curious if anyone has come across manufactured non-glass panels that would replace factory glass in the typical extended body Ford E-Series, aka Club Wagon?

I've recently acquired a 2005 E350 extended body wheel chair lift equipped with raised roof and extended height rear doors The entire rear interior has been stripped away and ready for eventual use as my work only truck. Existing glass in the side and rear hinged doors those side-wall windows represent too much of a vandal target I'd like to avoid. While there will be no direct entry into the rear from those openings should they break replacing them would be a huge hassle as they will be covered by my interior build. The thought of undoing what I'll have in place isn't pleasant. :)

I have a scheme to make metal panels and have them painted a deep bronze color to simulate privacy glass but that'll be a lot of work. If something already exists that only costs money my progress towards completion would increase substantially.

Anyway share what you've got---really appreciate it! :d5: :)


boywonder 12-11-2017 07:45 AM

Someone on the forum made a few steel rear window panels with PEM studs, etc. If I recall correctly they made one or two extras....maybe just for the driver side rear. you go....

JWA 12-11-2017 12:44 PM

Wow---those are exactly what I had in mind! Thanks all, great info sharing!

In fact, I absolutely love this concept and have sent Luked a PM hoping he'll share his process and/or ordeals with this. Before learning of PEM fasteners I'd thought of DIY laminating Lexan strips simulating the separator or mounting ring with studs the factory glass utilizes then a piece of 5mm Lexan painted a deep bronze semi-gloss to simulate windows still installed.

Anyway thanks again all---should this proceed further I'll post back here or start another thread altogether.

:d5: :)

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