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rean1mator 06-12-2018 12:03 PM

Need some help filling in the blanks with my old LED Light setup.
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Any electrically minded folks on this list that can help fill in some blanks to what was my rear LED Lights setup on the Sportsmobile before it got stolen?
Here is a link to a visio of the existing and part of the old setup

And I've attached a jpeg of it below.

Summary of the setup:

1. There's a flip switch hidden under the dash that goes through the firewall to some sort of relay which i'm trying to figure out the function of.

Pic here:

The brand is labeled Echlin. It's mounted just above my starter relay and is connected to the starter relay + Battery connection.

Pic of Echlin unit here:
also attached.

There's also a connection from the hidden switch to an indicator light on my dash, that was used to indicate the led light bar being on.

2. There used to be a light switch that controlled the rear lights that was stolen and no longer exists and should have been wired to the relay that also no longer exists.

3. The part I'm having trouble figuring out is how to integrate the mystery Echlin Unit into the Light Relay Setup. It appears that it was used to incorporate the Indicator light into overall setup, but my memory is a little fuzzy on this as I haven't owned the van long and didn't use the Led lights much.

My previous setup, I had two switches, one for the front led lightbar, and one for the rear, I can't remember how the indicator light worked with the system tho'.

My setup now: My Front LED Lights are wired directly to my Warn Zeon Winch via an accessory power port and is controlled via the Warn wireless controller.

I"m trying to wire out the rear lights now and trying figure out the wiring to the echlin unit and what the purpose was. I've got a wiring harnes s with integrated relay and switch and the switch has a indicator light built in so I'm thinking about just pulling the echlin unit out. But the indicator light is installed already so also thinking I should incorporate it back to how the original set up was.

Any help appreciated!

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