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mmocken 10-12-2007 10:21 PM

Roof Paint Wear Under PH Top
Has anyone have a solution to the paint wear?

The SMB manual says is to spray silicone on the rubber edge, but I already have a bunch of bare metall

For now I've sprayed some lithium grease to slow down the rust

I plan to repaint the area and use some 3M Aerogard to cover it.

geoffff 01-21-2008 07:52 PM

roof tape: Avery UHA (Ultra High Adhesion) tape
This is what my roof looked like after 20,000 miles and two years. There was rusty metal exposed in 30+ places around where the penthouse had been rubbing on the roof.

Sportsmobile West sent me some Avery UHA (Ultra High Adhesion) tape to cover the wear areas. This tape is really beefy stuff.

I sanded the rust down to bare metal, cleaned everything up with alcohol, masked and painted with tan spray paint (all the way to the penthouse fabric), and then carefully applied the tape.

Yes, the spray paint I chose doesn't match my body color exactly, but because the seam is hidden by the tape (and by the penthouse when it's down), it didn't really matter to me. When the penthouse is down, the tape isn't very noticeable, because it's black like the top's rubber seal.

BTW, I found that the tape doesn't apply well when it's cold outside.

-- Geoff

mmocken 01-21-2008 11:27 PM

Great post, thanks Geoff

I'm going to do something similar this spring, but match the color and use Naval Jelly on the rust.

I'll get some of the UHA...but might PM you for feedback on your field testing

whitewhale 01-22-2008 12:24 AM

After seeing many different solutions proposed on various websites, I had Line-X sprayed all the way around the gutters and up the roof. They didn't get it quite as smooth as I would have liked, but at least I'm not worrying about rust now. Nothing shows when the top is down and the black coating looks OK when the top is up. They did a good job putting it where I wanted. I haven't put enough miles on to know how it's going to work out over time, but plastic wearing on plastic should be better than plastic wearing on paint.

geoffff 01-22-2008 12:58 AM

I've had the UHA tape on there for a year now, and it's holding up really well.

(I'd love to Line-X the whole van, but it'd perhaps be a bit heavy. There's an old pickup truck I see near home here that's been completely covered with a Line-X -type product, and painted bright yellow, so it looks like a giant lemon or something. But tough!)

-- Geoff

patrick51 04-10-2008 06:42 AM

Roof paint wear under ph top
Our 07 anti-chafing tape was peeling off from the start, probably no cleaning of the surface first. Do you guy's have a source for this adhesive backed strip? It may be easier to just buy it then hassle w/ calls to SMB.

geoffff 04-10-2008 11:32 AM

Sportsmobile is usually pretty responsive when I call with random questions. Even if they don't send you some more tape, they can at least tell you the exact Avery UHA model number (my tape was simply marked "Avery UHA"), or maybe their source for the tape.

In applying the tape, besides the importance of surface prep, I've found:

- The tape needs to be applied when warm. Use a hair drier / heat gun, or at least wait until it's > 70 degrees outside.

- Really rubbing it in gets rid of the last little air gaps. I used the handle of a screwdriver.

-- Geoff

jage 04-10-2008 11:32 AM

I've used Herculiner on a few things, it's a brush on version of Line-X type product. I'd go with an epoxy paint under the PH though, it's the same idea without the bumps.

Also Line-X is awesome, but I totally hate things that are Line-X'd top to bottom. I've seen a few fully done vehicles and, like the lemon truck, they just look wrong.

sdwindansea 04-10-2008 11:38 AM

Re: Roof paint wear under ph top

Originally Posted by patrick51
Our 07 anti-chafing tape was peeling off from the start, probably no cleaning of the surface first. Do you guy's have a source for this adhesive backed strip? It may be easier to just buy it then hassle w/ calls to SMB.

Patrick, we have the same problem with our 2007 SMB, and I'm guessing for the same reason. I did contact Peter at SMB, email seems to work best ( He did call me back and sent me everything need to clean the surfaces and new tape to apply, along with instructions. It is basically a 4 step process:

1 - remove the old tape
2 - use an adhesive remover
3 - use a cleaner
4 - apply the new tape

It should be very easy to do. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to fix our's yet, hopefully in a couple weeks.

jochi 11-27-2008 09:24 AM

great post geoff. and thanks for the info. i've been trying to figure out what to do with mine for weeks now. i did pretty much the same thing. the ph wore the paint off at several areas so i sanded off the rust and old paint down to bare metal then applied a good etching primer and two coats of ppg. it looks great but i can't bear to lower the penthouse until i figure out a fix. looks like the tape is the way to go.

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