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jage 05-22-2007 12:28 AM

This section is for project write up, identification of known issues, and their resolutions.

This is not for asking questions, discussion of possible solutions, or anything other than "complete" subjects. Complete can be a "complete" issues such as: "The rear hinge on the Aluminess bumpers wallows out from the bolt threads." as opposed to incomplete which would be more like: "Has anyone else had trouble with condensation dripping from their Starcool?"

The "complete" issue doesn't necessarily have to have a resolution to be posted here.

If you have a question about a completed project or known issue please post it in the most appropriate section, not here. E.g. "My Aluminess bumper is wallowed out, what should I do about it?" belongs in one of the other sections.

Conjecture about possible solutions should also go in other sections- the goal is to keep this section clean and clear so that someone who wants to follow a project or solution in the future doesn't have to wade through rambling discussion on the matter.

So an ideal thread might look like this if summarized into the highest level:

Post 1: "The rear hinge on the Aluminess bumpers wallows out from the bolt threads."

Post 2: "It seems the most usual cause is from overloading the bumper."

Post 3: "One solution is to remove the bumper and replace the pin with grade 8 bolt that can be found at Ace."

Post 4: "Through conversation with Dave I've learned that the design changes as of May 2008, so only bumpers before then have the issue"

Post 5: "That bolt can be found at any hardware store, make sure you get grade 8. You can also order online."

Post 6: "SMB West fixed my bumper under warranty, but the van was built January 2008. Not sure if they'll cover this for all or it was just because my van was made so recently."

Of course the same information could come in any number of posts in any order or all in one mega post.

So that's my goal for this section. If you have a dissenting opinion it will be deleted. Ha! Just kidding. Seriously this section, it's intent and management are all up for discussion (in Forum problems, comments, suggestions please :c1: )

Since there aren't enough posts to see how well, or if this is working...... so please, please, please, post if you want to. I can move stuff and I'll let you know if I do, but I don't want this section to be empty - just not full of questions.

If you think something belongs please post it. If you still have doubts you can always email me, although I'm not really sure I know what's going on so YMMV.

(Your Mileage May Vary)

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