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Lol! I have had D50 TTB vans for 17 yrs, a solid front axle van for ten and solid front axle f350 crew cab for five plus. So, I have experienced both. I have had multiple Quigley flipper vans, I have driven UJOR off-road vans. My comments come from seat of the pants experience and a couple of hundred thousand miles of driving. I am not an off-road racer and I am not intentionally taking our van hardcore rock crawling. I want a great ride getting to our destination at whatever speed I want with one hand on the wheel, and the ability to get into the back country and handle snowy conditions when we go skiing. Reasonable ground clearance so getting in and out of the van is not a 5-10 climbing move.

Our QuadVan TTB v10 and our Agile TTB 7.3 - No breakage, no funky tire wear, both heavy vans. There is no comparison in ride quality and comfort between a TTB and a solid front axle. TTB is definitely smoother off-road and soaks up the dips and bumps on road.

If I wanted a 6 inch plus lift and hard core rock crawling (which I am not doing in a van) then I would look seriously at the UJOR. Chris makes a fine kit. I did not want/need that.

We got around lots of Baja off-road and highway just fine and in many ways much better than the solid front axle rigs we were with.

Fortunately there are 4x van solutions for most everyone’s needs. To trash an Agile Dana 50 TTB or a solid axle is being dismissive of application/usage. Both have plenty of strength and carrying capacity. And if the TTB was so fragile the top off-road racers would not be using them.

My advice to a person considering a 4x Econoline conversion is do your due diligence and drive a few different conversions before forking out $15k plus. Fly if you need to. That way you have made an informed real life experience decision with no regrets later.

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17 years thats cute..

Passing up on 25 years now with Ford 4x4 Vans.. I am that guy you left a note on the widow of my Van in So cal when you wanted one for yourself many years ago.. ( I have seen so many of those notes now)

LOL, Ujoint is not Hard Core Rock Crawling.. its a Solid Axle .. For Weight.. My Van is a Work Truck will hold its 10,000 pound limit in Lumber and AV goods and still pull a trailer.. And Climb that hill.. Thats whats it s for. The TTB is fine if you want to cruse the Baja.. But most of us need a Work Vehicle The Van is the Ultimate Truck,camper, Play Rig. Agile is a Fine conversion.. but most of us need to maintain the Weight Carrying load of the Van and the TTB does not do that. IT also does not afford the Ground Clarence.

There is a Reason Ford Stopped using the TTB.. But As I said As the Original owner of a 1996 Econoline 4x4 First Built by Ford via Oasis / Salem Kroger until to today I woudl not use anything but a Straight Axel.. And with the Proper Front Leaf Springs now it rides like a car and not like and angry Bronco.

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