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I have been doing some work with the camera and editor. Check it out.

If you like what you see, Like and subscribe, there is more where that came from. Also comment and tell me what you want to see next.

let me know if this is too off topic, I can move it to the Show and Tell section.

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Impressive work from both of you! Keep it coming!!

Bcaine: Great documentation of basic trial and error prototyping techniques esp the cardboard mock ups!

It seems like this will be the Go-to thread for TTB conversions...

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"Talk is cheap. Whiskey costs money."
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First of all, congratulations on this project!! Getting the details all to work together take a surprising amount of time and planning.

Originally Posted by arctictraveller View Post
I can't say that I've ever seen a TTB with one coil spring and one leaf spring It must have had some serious bump steer with the original set-up too.
I kind of want to throw up a fake craigslist add, using that picture, and a bunch of pictures from another van. With a wall of text, that states leaf spring, and coil spring conversions, in different places.

'99 EB ex ENG KSWB news van, low rent 4x4 conversion (mostly fixed by now), home built interior.
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Any progress?
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I've been looking at swapping a 4x4 TTB setup in my motorhome for years, I just stumbled across this! I have a 90 E350 with a 460/e4od, DRW.

Couple of questions:
How would this swap go with a 44ttb instead? Im not looking for lift, just 4 wheel drive. My biggest concern will be keeping the biggest brakes I can and having an 8 lug so I keep the same rims.
What was the cost?
Do you think the driveline would clear a non lifted stock setup?
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Because your motorhome is the older body style not many companies today will have expertise in this.Agile are the TTB experts. I would reach out to them first.
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I can think of a couple of problems that you will have to overcome to accomplish that conversion:

-The biggest one, the one you can’t do much about, is the small ton outers, (bearings, spindles, and ball joint; the things that hold your wheels in place). I don’t know what is on the motorhome now, but I would not downsize, especially of your going off road.

-Going from TIB to TTB will give you a 2” lift.

-The 8-lug problem: Finding a Dana 44 HD TTB with 8 lugs and long beams will be hard to impossible as I am not sure it exists. A conversion kit will be expensive.

-According to the internet, the 44 TTB axle width is shorter (I think 4”)than the 50 and 60. Van frame rails are wider than on the trucks, so am not sure how well the coil buckets will line up or where the wheels will sit. Wheel spacers will exaggerate the weakness of the ton outers. Lengthening the beams and axle shafts would be the appropriate fix. Measure carefully so you know what you are getting yourself into.

-For only a 2” lift, crossmember modifications will be needed. Cutting out the interference and reinforcing what’s left.

Is it possible: Yes. Would I do it: No
I think the 50 TTB fits the application much better as it has 1-ton outers.
As much fabrication as I think would be required, why not get something stronger? Ford would have used the 50 TTB in an E350. An SAS 44 or 60 would be the easiest way but probably require a 4” lift.

If we were talking about an E150 I would be much more enthusiastic (an E150 shorty, side barn doors, 44 ttb, 2” to 4” lift, 33” or 35” tires…… F#*k Ya)
Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this.
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Going from a DRW front axle to an SRW front axle might also be an issue. I don’t really know the implications other than new rims will be needed and won’t be interchangeable with the back
I think the best way is to get a DRW Dana 60 front axle. Try
The leaves should be easy to bolt up with some additional brackets, but you will likely end up with 4” of lift. If you’re willing to do some suspension fabrication and crossmember modifications 2” should be achievable.

On another subject;
how is the conversion going bcaine? Any updates? It was looking nice and not far off.
Something happened to my old pictures, I would like to get a moderator to help fix this, thanks.

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