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Quigley 4 Low giving me trouble....

I have Quigley 4x4 on my van, as does a friend of mine. I have noticed in the past that oftentimes my van is very reluctant to go into 4 Low. I figured it had to do either with the method of getting it into 4 low, or that maybe my 4 low was just whacky. Then two days ago we had my buddy's van with Quigley, and we were in some steep, loose mud so we put the van in 4 low. His van went into 4 low no problem, but then it popped out of gear into neutral!!! Given, we were townig a heavy load in has van when it popped out, but he admitted having had troubles with that gear beofore also. So my question here is has anyone else out there with Quigley 4x4 had similar troubles with 4 low? Got any tricks to get 4 low engaged? Let me know!!! ALOHA!

1994 Ford E250 5.8 V8 Quigley 4x4
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Re: Qugley 4 Low giving me trouble....

I think the tranny needs to be in neutral. I have the NP261HD transfer case and that's what it has taken for us to get it into 4 low. Make sure you set your E brake.

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Re: Quigley 4 Low giving me trouble....

Our Quigley is sometimes hard to get into low range too. The tranny must be in neutral and it sometimes helps to turn the engine off to make the switch. Here's the Quigley operating instructions:

If the transfer case popped out of gear it probably wasn't fully engaged or the lever needs to be checked for proper operation.
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Re: Quigley 4 Low giving me trouble....

The owner of Quigley was at several of the SMB annual rallys (before SMB developed their own 4WD system) and pointed out that 4WD high is a sycro-mesh gear set while 4WD low isn't. That means that, in going from 4WD high to low, you need to really "cram" the gears together.

Whenever you go into 4WD, you need to have the automatic transmission in neutral and should be rolling forward slightly. It should go from 2WD to 4WD high smoothly and quietly. To shift into 4WD low, put the automatic transmission back into neutral while still rolling forward, grab the 4WD shift handle firmly, and shift into 4WD low without hesitation and in one quick, forceful motion. You will probably hear the gears bang together. If you don't use enough force (maybe because you think the gears are getting chipped), you might not get the gears completely engaged and while it might seem that you are in low range, it transfer case will pop out of gear as soon as you put a load on the system.

The need to be rolling and in neutral to get into 4WD (especially low range) means that you need to get into 4WD before you need it.
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Re: Quigley 4 Low giving me trouble....

Also, check the clearance between the transfer case shift lever and the opening in the floor under the boot. I've seen on more than one occasion where there wasn't enough clearance when the lever was placed in low. The lever would contact the floor or excess carpet that wasn't trimmed when the engine torqued, causing just enough pressure to push on the lever and kick it out of low range. Because you were under a heavy load when it jumped out of low range, this may be your problem.

I hope this helps!

John K.
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