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SMB 4x4 Handling

Ok, two things with my new van:

1) the front end seems to be all over the road. The steering is tight, but there seems to be oversteer and I just feel like it's been 1000 miles of weaving.

2) the front end goes up and down, and up and down and up and down with EVERY bump. I feel like a bobble headed doll.

So, how much of this might be bad shocks or something else, and how much is the SMB 4x4 lift?

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Couple thoughts here:

If the anti-sway bar is disconnected (or the pins broken from their welds) the van gets a bit more drifty.

Check the track-bar, ours broke inside the mounting brackets, so it wasn't very visible, but had a noticible impact on the feel of the steering.

Check the front U-Bolt plates on the outboard side where the shocks mount. Ours broke here and this also caused a vagueness in the steering input.

Improperly-inflated tires perhaps? Or maybe just too worn.


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Jage, In my opinion the front springs are deffinatly on the stiff side. My van however is much lighter than most other vans and so the springs will feel stiffer. Unfortunatly the stiff sring are really kind of necessary as the up travel in the front is so limited (only a couple inches). You'll see that when you drive on rough roads at any speed that it is really easy to bottom out the front end. I think with a little custom work the up travel could be increased a little without raising the van up. I may try to do this to my van at some point and also add some hydraulic bumpstops like these ... _bumpstops
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Our 04 SMB 4WD was REALLY wandering at about 15K miles. It had developed gradually enough that I hadn't noticed. Mary Anne did a stint and refused to drive it anymore, so I crawled underneath in the parking lot at the Grand Canyon, had her wiggle the steering wheel, and noticed that the ball joint was loose in the steering arm. I cranked it down tighter and it seems to be holding. One of these days I'll pull the balljoint and see if the hole in the steering arm got hogged out.

John Tarr
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