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I had my buddy send me a few pics. Sorry that I don't have a better one of the hole in the frame.

The pic without the red circle is after we filled the hole, played it, and rewelded the panhard bar bracket.

The other pic shows the bracket that we caged around the heim we used for the drag link.

....this is all assuming that the three pics all upload just fine. XD
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Here's a general front end pic and I guess I don't have any good pics of the radius arms. You can see most of one in this pic though. I'll try to see if I can get a better pic of the arms tomorrow.
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Massive leverage on that upper trac bar mount, only so much real estate to beef it up. Ford can't even figure out DW, guys with brand new trucks get it with this suspension style being in production since 05.

Leaf springs all day for me!
Chris Steuber
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4x4Ambi you might try to raise your lower track bar mount. and inch or two. While you want it close to parallel with the steering to reduce bump steer, from the pic your looks like it could be up a bit, maybe try out of parallel the other way a little. The closer to horizontal the track bar can be, the more effective it is, with less stress on the system. If possible I would try to make the drag link more horizontal also. Did you try a more dropped pitman arm? not longer but dropped.

When your suspension compresses the track bar is shoving the axle assembly towards the passenger side. The steering (if you want to stay going straight) is going to fight the track bar force. All the energy is battling each other and your contact points are suffering.
How much lift do you have?
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Death wobble is curable, but not with stabilizers

Having experienced death wobble in my own Dana 60 build I can say absolutely that a dual stabilizer is not the cure. Since no one offered a conversion kit for my E450 Dually coil sprung build I was forced to create my own. I was pretty satisfied with my work until I hit a rail road crossing and experienced death wobble for the first time; even at 30 mph it was wholly terrifying! I foolishly attempted to cure the issue with a Rough Country dual stabilizer, and it did little to nothing when I tested it by hitting that same train track again. What did cure the issue entirely was methodically going through my build and removing tiny amounts of movement. All the tiny amounts of movement add up and form the concert of movement called death wobble. I recommend having someone sit in the drivers seat and reef on the wheel repeatedly while you are under the van taking note of movement. Starting with new tie rods, which after a death wobble experience I would say just needs to be done, I then went through my build and resized bolt holes, beefed up bracket materials, and welded brackets to the frame where practical. Minimizing overall movement is the key, and now I only have the dual stabilizers on my rig because they look cool!
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Perhaps Iíll chime in that I highly doubt you are using a ďsuper 60Ē as that is only utilized on 05+ f450/f550 cab and chassis trucks and weighs almost a thousand pounds. Nearly every single conversion on here utilizes Dana 60s from f250/f350 trucks or else a dynatrac custom build of similar size/spec which are closer to the track width on an econoline.
A super 60 is about 8-10 inches wider with the dual hubs on it and if you remove those / and convert it to 8 stud rather than the 10 bolt it comes with and itís still about 4Ē wider than a normal 60.

Death wobble is and has been around for many years and is almost always the result of poor geometry and/or coupled with worn parts.
Despite any recent media coverage with death wobble and some f250/f350s, itís not a new phenomenon.
Try driving a Jeep with a bad steering damper. It will damn near send you off the road left or right.
Go over your front end make sure itís not worn out- donít use white-box cheap parts if you do, a quality steering stabilizer but if itís a home built job- itís gonna be bad geometry.
Consider a high steer set up to help with geometry if you donít have already.
Not trying to be rude, but when the first line of your rant is doubtful and suspected to be incorrect (super 60) it leads many to believe that you may not have a clue of what you are talking about and trying to blame one of the industries best components for your shortfalls.

Dana 60s are a legend . Period.
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And ya- leaf spung cures all ailments!
Your kits are amazing FYI
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Solid axle is NOT your problem.

Coil spring conversion IS your problem.

Yes leaf spring suspensions can ride rougher than a coil spring conversion however I'll take the rougher ride all day to avoid Death Wobble.

Chris at Ujoint is right.

Leaf springs in the front all day every day!
Remember "Drive Fast, Turn Heads, Break Hearts!"

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I battled with death wobble on both of my factory stock solid axle leaf sprung CJ Jeeps back in the day.
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Your track bar bracket is extremely weak. The original F350 and the brackets from ExpoVans tie to the cross member. The red circle highlights the ExpoVan bracket on my van.
In addition to the beefier bracket, I added extra triangulation recycling an old tie rod (Blue). adding this kind of reinforcement, reaching the other end of the frame may help you.
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2010 E350 4x4 MG Coil conversion
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4x4 conversion, death wobble, econoline, steering, suspension

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