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Final Build Details: Advice Sought

Our build plan is just about complete for our Sprinter 4x4 RB50 layout. Build scheduled for February. We have just a few minor issues to decide on and are looking for wisdom from those that have come before! I've read the threads I could find on these issues, but thought I'd check on the following:

1. Privacy Curtain – Planning on the “snaps” options versus sliding track. We don’t expect to use this much, so we’d like to store it. Any different opinions on this?

2. Power Locations – The included locations are by the couch, below the galley, and the galley shelf. It seems like it would be good to have power in the back (with access to the bed), penthouse, and maybe the passenger seat. Does anyone have specific recommendations on this?

3. Exterior Lights – Apart from the one included porch light, we looked at the rear flood lights when we visited the factory. These look like they would be easily broken off. It’s not clear that we need any more than the porch light, but we’re not sure since this is our first SMB. Any layouts that people love?

4. Interior Lights – We are going with the standard lights and locations, but adding at least two dimmers and maybe four (galley shelf, front, back, PH). Any other thoughts on changing the lights or where dimmers are useful vs. not?

5. L-Tracks – We’re not sure if we need more tie-downs, but we did see a few vans with L-Tracks. Any experience with L-Tracks that are pro/con for adding them?

As always, thanks in advance for the advice! It's very much appreciated.

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My take on the curtain: We want to use the space of the whole van, including front seats, especially if they (or just one of them) swivel. We took out the curtain and use sun shades for privacy on windshield and windows on driver and passenger sides. These shades also reduce heat loss through these windows when winter camping. So, I would forego the privacy curtain altogether.

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re power:

The usb ports we have near the couch/galley are installed facing out into the room; so they would be easy to access. I hate them because when they're in use it means the cord is easy to knock/rip out. Which then knocks the device down and breaks it.

I'll be installing a more protected power plug around the corner of my galley with just a simple small cord coming up for charging. 99% of the time its my device and i'll never need to replace the cable. 1% of the time i'll have somebody on board with a different connector and then they can use the up front cord.
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Are you having solar installed? If not, pre-wiring for solar is a good investment, just in case.

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I'll add a couple considerations:
First, If your adding the power outlets throughout, suggest one (convenient & accessible location) be some type of rocker panel that also has the power outlets - doesnt cost much, but if down the road you decide to "add" then this becomes an easy solution

Second, if any of these will be "illuminated" you might choose locations that will not frustrate you at night. We have so many gadgets (co2/propane detectors, Solar controller, Inverter, power outlets, etc) that have some type of indication lighting it becomes distracting when time to sleep.

If you dont have a roof fan, choose a good location for an outlet that is dedicated for a 12v fan

***I also support BroncoHauler suggesting Solar pre wiring
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Originally Posted by Twoxentrix View Post
...Second, if any of these will be "illuminated" you might choose locations that will not frustrate you at night. We have so many gadgets (co2/propane detectors, Solar controller, Inverter, power outlets, etc) that have some type of indication lighting it becomes distracting when time to sleep...

Good call, and one I haven't thought of, but agree with completely. "Power Applied" lights can be really distracting when trying to sleep.

SMB-less as of 02/04/2012. Our savings account is richer, but our adventures are poorer.
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So I take it no roof rack? One of the main changes I made was adding a roof rack to hold the solar, and 360* LED lighting. I have one large bar light up front for driving but the side lights are nice when you want to light up the camp. Rear lighting helps when backing up which can be critical backing down a trail at night. I have an awning that can be enclosed during cold weather and having a porch light helps. Personally the motion detector lights SMB sell aren't very good and I've had issues with the sensor not working plus the sun degrades the plastic windows. I am thinking of having something better installed. Their original outside lights are fairly tough but even the automatic one has survived crashing through least so far. One thing for sure is go LED on all your lighting inside and out.

I have the privacy curtain but hardly ever use it. Reflectix does a better job but I have installed the curtain in cold temps. It does help a little but I doubt I'd pay extra for it. YMMV

I'm guessing you don't have a pop top but I do and wish I had 12v DC power up top. I do have AC/DC power at the lower bed but rarely bunk below. Some other areas I'd like power is close to the side doors. Say for instance you want to power something like a coffee maker outside. Having to crawl back into the van to plug in sucks.

I also had both AC & DC outlets installed on the outside of the van. You might not want or need this. I needed power to run some camera and optics equipment. SMB sells something similar to their outside shore power connector but decided to have them install a propane hatch where I had them install the power outlets (110AC shore power in, 110AC standard outlet and 12vDC power port), water connection, plus a CATV connection which would be nice if you haul a portable Sat TV dish or want to plug into some kind of park supplied TV/cable. Obviously if you have propane installed you'd be pressed for space but they may have different door hatches they could install. It does kinda make for a cleaner look albeit at an added cost.

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Can you post any photos, hatch closed and open, of the exterior connections setup you just described? Thanks.
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Just a thought on “future” solar panels/pre- wiring and roof vent installed “now” -

Really give some thought as to the roof layout and where your panels might go vs the roof vent. Is a roof basket a consideration? Once the hole is cut for the vent it REALLY impacts where everything else on the roof goes. Flexible panels are not the way you want to go for the long run. They look like the easy solution for tough roof layouts, usually because the previously installed vent has complicated things,, but they cloud, delaminates and are less efficient than the glass fixed panels.

Re: the pre wire run - I have installed solar in pre wired SMB’s. The pre wire is usually at the driver side front corner fed over the top of the canvas then down to the driver B pillar. If it is cheap to do or is included, then fine. Just know that almost all the effort put into pre-wiring will be duplicated when the actual install is done. And if the solar panels go to the rear, the pre-wire will be in the wrong place. The nicest part of the SMB pre wire is the wire sheath in matching material that routes the wire down the interior edge of the penthouse. If you can just have them give you the sheath, I would skip the pre-wiring.

The roof tracks make installing roof items, including solar, much easier. Sprinters have roof “attach points” built in from the factory. I have not done work on Sprinter roofs but I have seen the threaded attach points.
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Agree with most everything that’s been pointed out so far. Is this a poptop? Either way, bringing 12V up to have a USB outlet accessible from the bed is nice. As is some sort of light, I just added 2 long gooseneck reading lamps in the upper pop top area each with a built in USB outlet, nice!
Exterior lighting can always be added later, lots of aftermarket options to choose from. I’ve got LED pod lights on each side of my roof rack, including a big 50” one up front, but of my favorites was to add LED rock lights to each corner inside the wheel wells, not only good for picking your way through the desert rocks at night, but they provide great indirect ground lighting at camp.
I’d for sure consider adding a fan, the maxxair maxxfan is far superior to the fantastic fan.
Go solar! Either have them install or can be added later. Not only for providing off grid use so you’re not bound to having to plug in all the time at campgrounds or running that annoying generator, but just a small panel if nothing else will protect and prolong your battery life when the rig is not used for any period of time. Are you having an inverter installed? Size? House battery size/amp hours? What’s your power needs/consumption?
Roof rails add so much versatility for adding things later on, great for attachment points for solar panels so you’re not drilling into the roof.
Side/rear ladder for roof access

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