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LED fog lights or light bar - which would be better?

My 2011 Freightliner Sportsmobile RB110S doesn't have fog lights, and has a handy front bar to mount a LED bar if we wanted to.

Any opinions on which is better? Fog lights can be run legally on public roads, but most systems won't work if your high beams are on. We mostly drive paved roads in our 2 wheel drive van, but both like to see where we're going on dirt roads or bad conditions. Thanks!

2011 Freightliner 2500 Sportsmobile RB110S, all electric, 150k
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I'm also only seeing stock fog lights, which would then require one of the many LED bulb upgrades. Anyone know of the full fog light unit with a LED build?

2011 Freightliner 2500 Sportsmobile RB110S, all electric, 150k
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I use PIAA's since they have a low amp draw & are SAE compliant. Been real pleased with them, and never had a bulb go out.
PIAA | RF Series LED Light Bars
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LED fog lights or light bar - which would be better?

First off, fog lamps and light bars are used for completely different purposes. True dedicated fog lamps are designed to be mounted low and throw a diffused short beam pattern, many come in an amber color that is better at cutting through fog, rain and snow vs. white light that is harsh and creates a lot of blinding reflection.
LED light bars are generally used to light up the runway, with a spot beam pattern for throwing light further, great for seeing distance on back roads and off road use, some hybrids have a section of wide beam on either side.
Id say get both! I also agree about looking at some of the other options out there besides stock fog lamps if your bumper openings allow, PIAA makes a great light and I know they have a few different sizes available in both fogs and driving lights(spot beam for seeing distance)
Ive got PIAA halogen fog lights and a pair of their driving lights both in ion crystal (amber) as well as an LED light bar mounted up high and I use them all in different combinations and scenarios.
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Scott (Redoval) sells Diode Dynamics lights, which are available as "pods" or light bars. I have two 18" white lightbars on two different vehicles and I've been very hapy with them. Also, Diode Dynamics claims that their 6" light bars are DOT compliant. Oe thing I like about their lightbars is that you can get them in driving, spot or combo lenses, and you can swap them out.

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Another vote for Diode Dynamics if you're looking for fog lights. Their SS3 Pro is the brightest SAE/DOT LED fog light that I could find.

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Having upgraded the lighting on both my F-250 and E-350 over the last few years I can chime in here with what I have learned and done. A lot of your lighting is dictated by your bumper. Some have holes or slots, others have a baja bar to clamp to or a big flat top to mount on. All of these can limit the size light bar you may choose or placement of fog style lights.

I love light bars in addition to other lighting up front. I wire all mine to come on when I engage the high beams, on my van I could roast a chicken in front of all my lights!

So, first off, make sure when you engage the high beams that the low beams do not turn off. Sounds silly I know but this is more common than you think. You can typically tell this happens by when you engage the high beams momentarily you get both but when you just turn on the high beam switch you get just high beams. If so, get a BriteBox to solve this first.

Now, as I said, I have done a few lighting upgrades. I typically wind up with a mix of brands as one bumper only uses a certain brand or type and light bar can be something different. I really like my Rigid 20" light bar. I would have gone bigger but to mount it under the Baja Bar on the bumper I was limited to this size. Now you can get a variety of lighting options within said light bar. I chose the driving lights/spot combo. I would HIGHLY suggest you go to Rigid's special web site where you can select the different lighting options you are interested in and then see the light output online in a demo they have where they put all their different lights on a vehicle and let you see the output pattern. It will really help you figure out what you want to run.

I hope this helps a little. On my F-250 I changed out the factory fog lights for Rigid Driving Lights, added a flood/spot combo light bar and installed a BriteBox. On the E-350 I did a combo driving/spot light bar and have 4 spot lights mounted in the bumper and again added the BriteBox. The van has a massive amount of light out front, the pickup has plenty but the Van/chicken cooker is most impressive!

I will also say that the vast majority of my off-road/backroad night driving is in the deserts. Snow or constant heavy rain would quite likely require a different setup most likely. Also, if following others off-road, their dust is essentially like fog and once again a lot of light is actually worse as it all reflects back at you. But for long adventures in the CA/NV/AZ/UT deserts I find a lot of light to be perfect.

Glenn P.
2005 Quigley E350
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