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PHT Re-finish

Greeting SMBers,

I recently purchased an 89 SMB and have found may way to this forum. I have never been a member of a forum but found the posts here very informative and enjoy hearing from those that are as enthusiatic about SMB living as I am.

Unfortunately the SMB that I aquired needs to have the PHT cleaned up a bit. The prvious owner/s spray painted (with a can) over the top (not that pretty looking).

There are some chips on the top edge as well some minor cracking in the gel coat.

I have some experience with autobody repair as I have done some amatuer restoration on a few cars I have owned (no fiberglass though).

I spoke with SMB and the stated that there should be no problem treating this like any other marine application.

I was wondering if anyone has done this type of work on a PHT or has any suggestions.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to conversing with everyone.

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As far as chips, working with fiberglass is easy and can be messy. You just have to go for it (making sure to protect items that you do not wish to have fiberglass resin on, including your hands and the SMB roof). Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but its an on-the-job training sort of deal (working with fiberglass). Ah, reminds me of my first time working with fiberglass (fixing the damged header panel on my bitch'n Camero in highschool).....Yea, I had a Camero in highschool.....Yea, I was a loser.

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The new SMB's come with the tops sprayed with a Rhino Lining kind of material and then painted to match the truck. It looks kind of cool plus it must be plenty durable. You could fix the chips and other imperfections and then have it sprayed and painted and it would probably be good for life.
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You're in Tampa and probably have hundreds of excellent boat fiberglass/gel coat repair people there. If you want a referral go to and they will hook you up for sure. When a pro repairs gel coat chips expect perfection, when you attempt it inexperienced expect to invest in a bunch of supplies for a job that most likely won't look nearly as good when you're done and probably would've cost less in time and aggravation.
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Thanks for the responses. I checked with a marine supply store this weekend and they were more than willing to give me an abundance of information on how to repair it.

They bascially gave me three options:
1) Use a gel coat putty to fill the chips cracks. Very cheap and simple
2) Refinish with new gelcoat. More expensive but most permanent fix
3) Refinsih with a marine epoxy paint. Less expensive then gel coat and can do it myself.

Looks like it will depend on how much time/money I am willing to put into it. I started breaking it down by sanding off all of the old spray paint the previous owner had put on it (looks better already!)

Based on the amount of spider cracking and chips I think I am going to opt for number 2 and do the prep work myself.

As Cali said, here in Florida there is no shortage of boat/fiberglass repair shops and most are in need of business right now.
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