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Power up my 04 6.0L Powerstroke

Looking for advice and suggestions. A bit of background. I have an 04 E350 6.0L PSD with a Quigley 4x4 conversion. Aside from the 4x4 conversion and a fiberglass high top roof my van is stock. I have about 135,000 miles on the engine and just lost the #7 injector. My plan for this van when I bought it was for it to become my primary tow vehicle for my 09 33' Raptor toyhauler and a light weekend camper. I've discovered my van labors towing my camper even on level ground here in Florida - especially compared to my previous tow vehicle that was an 07 Ram 3500 4x4 6.7L Cummins. I don't expect my van to equal the Ram but I need it to be a lot better than it is.

I know the van is detuned compared to the 6.0L trucks and I know that is because of heat issues - which I intend to tackle. So my plan is to get my van to the power output of the trucks without compromising reliability. At the truck level it should be an adequate tow vehicle. Yes I know the vans have heat issues but as I said I will tackle that so please don't let that be an issue with the advice/suggestions. Again my goal is to get the van to an equal (or more) power output to the 6.0L trucks with towing and reliability in mind.

As I mentioned I just lost the #7 injector, I also had a code for #8 as well. I tried to do an oil change and add Archoil but that only the code for #8 has disappeared, #7 continues and the smoke (white/grey) and smell of raw fuel coming from the tailpipe continues. So I am going to replace the injector and attempt my goal. I wish I had unlimited cash but I have to say that I'm on a budget. So here's my plan:

1. Replace injector #7
2. EGR delete
3. Add a coolant Filter
4. Clean the turbo
5. SCT tuner with custom tune

Here's where I need advice/suggestions:

1. Replace #7 injector - I had an 03 Duramax and replacing the injectors was such a job that the suggestions was to replace all while in there. The van may be easier to change injectors but its kinda tight on space. Can I safely replace just #7 or should I do all?
2. Full turbo back 4" exhaust
3. Update the oil cooler - if needed
4. Add engine vitals monitoring - leaning towards something like the SCT Scan Gauge but maybe physical gauges
5. FICM upgrade via new power supply - Bullet Proof or other?
6. Transmission cooler

In reality the van needs lots more but I'd initially just like to get it to where I can tow comfortably so I can start hitting the road for camping trips. Right now I am focusing on what I can do while I'm replacing injectors.
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Autometer makes an EGT gauge that will fit on the A pillar, you'll want a pyro of some sort so I'd recommend that. A scan gauge along with it is what I watched my '05 with for years and it was straight forward and functioned well. May not be as pretty as some of the other gauges but it works.

I'd recommend the exhaust mod. I did it on mine (there is a right up here on the forum) and it lowered EGTs and helped the turbo spool a bit quicker I think.

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Regarding the turbo, you might check item 7) in post #2 of this thread, the part about Bell turbo.

In fact I think most of that post still applies. Then again, it's from 2012 so it may be dated. Any 6.0 owners out there want to weigh in?
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Maybe look at the Infinity tuner by DP? They're expensive but offer a lot as far as gauges go.
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Definitely read that thread that Steelhead linked to. There are others as well on injectors and heat management. Don't drive it anymore with that bad injector or you'll wash the cylinder and be in for a much bigger headache.

You're going to be in deep to do an EGR delete/oil cooler job. And injectors are a huge PIA. Replace them all, especially at 135k. To do the passenger side you have to lift the engine up off the mounts, remove the mounts and then lower to gain access.

In no particular order:
-replace the oil cooler anyway. If you haven't been running a coolant filter then chances are it's at least partially clogged.
-consider doing a coolant flush prior to the work which will seal the fate of the oil cooler but will remove the silicates, casting sand, and goo that generally clogs the oil cooler.
-swap out to an ELC coolant
-new water pump (BPD pump is the bomb)
-consider a replacing the HPOP. It's a wear item. 2005-2007 were good but the early ones were known to fail.
-The BPD FICM is nice but over-priced IMO and lacks a long-term warranty. I'd send your unit in to Ed and FicmRepair.com and get the upgraded internals and lifetime warranty
-rebuild the turbo with a 360 thrust bearing kit and consider upgrading to an 11 blade single plane wheel and stainless unison ring. It will spool up faster than stock.
-lots of us have the Tru-Cool 40K tranny cooler.

As for a tuner, think hard. The 6.0 blows head gaskets. It's not a matter of if, just when. Odds go up when you start messing with the timing and increasing pressure on the cyclinders. If you want to add a bit of power add a FICM tune. Ideally, you'd pull the motor and do ARP headstuds as your baseline strategy.

Anyhow, what most forget is that an custom tune written for the van will most likely use the fuel curves based off a 8,000 lb F series truck. The 90 less HP that Ford detuned the vans to goes right out the window with a PCM tune. Thus, the 80HP increase DD tune I have from Power Hungry Performance actually means my rig is in the 380 - 400 rwhp range. That's considerably more than the 235 HP of a stock van. The intercooler on the van is smaller and the air box is more restricted so there's a limit to how much power you can make without cooking the pistons and valves.

Anyhow, lots of basic maintenance stuff to do while you're in there. For sure, all the upgraded parts like turbo oil and drain tubes and SCT fitting on the HPOP.
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Everyone missed an important question, what gear ratio is in it?
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Originally Posted by Bbasso View Post
Everyone missed an important question, what gear ratio is in it?
Good point. But I think the E350s with a 6.0 psd all came with 4.10 gearing. It's the gassers that came with taller 3.55 gears and more limited towing capacity if it had the 5.4. Could be wrong on that but the 4.10 is why most of us with a 2003-2014 era van get away with running 33 and 35" tires at 2000 rpm without having to change out to a lower gear ratio.

$1500 for 8 injectors: InjectorsDirect.com – 6.0 2003-2007 MOTORCRAFT OEM REMANUFACTURED FUEL INJECTORS
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Originally Posted by JoeH View Post
Good point. But I think the E350s with a 6.0 psd all came with 4.10 gearing.
My 2010 E-350 6.0 came stock with a 3.55 open diff. It is an odd vehicle - fully optioned interior except for a few things like the basic axle. I suspect it was intended to be converted to 4x4 by an upfitter but for whatever reason was not taken / sold into that channel. Maybe the order was canceled, who knows.

The contractor I bought it from said he had intended to buy a typical white contractor van but this one was available and Ford made him a really good deal on it.
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My 04 6.0 Quigley came with 3.73 gears.

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Swap to a 10.5" full float axle before adding any more power. The semi float will be toast in one trip with more power and that much trailer.

I agree with doing all injectors. And when doing the other work, change the HPOP sump screen. It's most likely blown out at this point and might be the root cause of the injector issues.

Bell Turbo is my go to shop for the 6.0.

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