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For Sale: 2006 SMB RB50

4x4 Sportsmobile for Sale - Asking $65k. We'll probably end up listing with Lynn at SMB West, but need to get it all checked out first so listing it here. My guess is they'll list it for more based on some comps from an earlier post?

We are, grudgingly, selling our 2006 4x4 Sportsmobile (regular length body) conversion camper van/adventure vehicle because we are moving to Sweden. Mileage: 72,000.

What it Has/ Options:
  • Ford E350 6.0L diesel base van
  • “Sportsmobile” 4WD conversion. The highest-end 4WD system we could pay for. High and low gears, great turning radius, etc.
  • Pop top, with camper bed. Sleeps 4 (two up top, two below). Seats 5, but I’d call that a squeeze.
  • “PH50” interior, which is the most popular (and frankly best) interior layout.
  • Fridge
  • Sink, 10 gallon water tank. Water pump is upgraded and brand new (2 months ago). We also re-did the entire water system, putting the tank on a foam pad, raising the lines off the floor, protected them from skis (which we carry inside), and putting a drain valve accessible inside so that stuff doesn’t freeze overnight camping in the winter. We also installed an accumulator which keeps the pump from cycling all the time.
  • Espar diesel heater. This means you have a thermostat and interior heat when you’re camping; it comes off the diesel tank so there’s no propane system taking up interior room.
  • Aluminess rear bumper. Basically a kick butt rear bumper and tire carrier. The advantage of this is for the next option we added:
  • Extra under-vehicle storage bin, locking. Great for storing and locking climbing gear, laptops, whatever that you want to keep hidden and extra secure.
  • 6 month old, upgraded interior “8D” battery. These usually come with a “4D” house battery stored under the vehicle. That’s fine, but less desirable for winter camping as you lose capacity in the cold. We wanted to do winter/ski camping, so we doubled the size, and moved it inside. You can change it back later if you want, but the 8D is a $600 battery, and it’s basically new. So use it for a few years until you need to replace it, then decide.
  • Flat panel solar panel/charge controller. This is nice for keeping your battery topped up for the fridge when you’re parked camping.
  • We made a custom flip-out table top which makes eating/cooking much better than the regular SMB layout.
  • Hoop steps.
  • Marine tex flooring, SMB “winterization” package (extra insulation, both below the floor and in the walls)
  • 46 gallon diesel tank. Yep, it’s huge.
  • New transmission and U-joints at 50,000 miles. Not our fault! Long story, happy to share. But our loss is your gain.
  • Amsoil double filter system. This means you don’t have to change the oil every 5k; more like every 30k. You’ve got about another 5k before you probably want to get that done, or at least send the oil off for an oil analysis.
  • We made custom seat covers for the back seat and pad, so a) you get those and b) the seat fabric underneath is pristine.
  • Added a bunch of dynamat soundproofing in the doghouse, under the van, extra insulation, filled various holes SMB usually leaves in there…
  • New M&S tires. Fewer than 500 miles on them.
  • Front wheel bearings replaced at 71,000 miles (and everything checked/lubed/serviced)
  • Upgraded alternator (when originally purchased, SMB put that in).
  • Other minor custom mods. You can have the butane stove, dishes, scangauge OBDII scanner, and a bunch of other stuff that’s in it that we are not going to take to Sweden.
  • Trailer hitch.
  • We will throw in a trailer hitch bike rack that holds four bikes for free. If you don’t want it, we’ll keep it in our storage in the US.

Known Issues:
  • The door remotes don’t work (the little things that go on your keychain), so you have to use a key to get in. I’m sure Ford can fix that; we didn’t really care.
  • Headlight cover on the left headlight is cracked, and we sealed it. It’s lasted just fine (and passed inspections) like that for 11 years. Just noting that it’s got a repaired crack.
  • It does have a flatplate heat exchanger, but it’s currently disabled. Basically what this does is use the engine coolant (when the engine is running and hot) to circulate through a heat exchanger, that allows you to have running hot water. SMB mounts these outside the van, which is idiodic, as then the water freezes, so you either have to drain them outside every night (which doesn’t really work), or ruin it. We completely reworked it and moved it inside, but it was warped due to the freezing prior to moving it. If you choose to swap it out, you’ll have hot water, and it won’t freeze on you when winter camping which is awesome. It’s a bit of work though. Anyway, noting that this is a “feature” that cost a bunch when we bought it, and just needs some work to re-enable it.
  • If you are a trail runner/skier/mtn biker, you have the most decked-out rear bumper sticker collection ever. If you are not, you may want to peel off all the stickers.

2006 RB50 6.0 Diesel
Flatplate water heater (mounted INSIDE), portable butane stove (no propane)
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And here are the pictures....

PS- It's in Reno, NV, but I'd be happy to drive it down to the SF Bay Area.
Attached Thumbnails
Front_2.jpg   Rear_1.jpg   Solar Panel.jpg   Inside Looking Back.jpg   Inside Looking Back_2.jpg  

Inside Looking Forward.jpg  
2006 RB50 6.0 Diesel
Flatplate water heater (mounted INSIDE), portable butane stove (no propane)
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