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Old 04-03-2020, 11:03 AM   #11
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Intuitively given the stock market drop this would be a bad time to sell. People have less access to cash and will either just not be buying at all, or their van budget will have decreased dramatically.

For people with access to cash it could be an opportunity to get a van cheap in the unfortunate scenario that someone has to sell a luxury item like a SMB to get through these tough times.

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Premium vans/builds will be hard to sell.

If you have a van thats $15,000 or less, it may sell but not as easily as pre-COVID19. But I feel at that price point, people that have the discretionary income will feel comfortable spending that amount and not think they are breaking the bank or spending too much.

As BenJJ mentioned, the stock market has taken a dump and lots of portfolios are down about 30%, including retirement portfolios. People out there looking to dip into that fund to buy a vehicle that cant be financed easily aren't going to want to sell during a downturn.

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My answer is a solid no.

After this calms down? Who knows? I think people are going to focus on building bunkers after this, not mobile vehicles. We've seen you can't use mobile vehicles if campgrounds are shut down. There isn't that much public land to disperse camp on with a van for much of the country. Not everyone can just head West.

Plus peoples retirement plans just got screwed as mentioned previously.

The free for all that was going on for a while there might be done.
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Originally Posted by MountainBikeRoamer View Post
As the title of this thread states....
What do you guys/gals all think?

With everything going on in the world (and Nation) right now..... it a good time to try to sell an SMB?*

On one hand:
It makes sense that with the economy in stand-still, and many jobs in jeopardy (or already lost)...that far less people are possibly willing (or able) to spend the money it takes to buy one of these rigs. So that would mean it might be a terrible time to try to sell an SMB.

But on the other hand....
...There may be (I imagine) plenty of people motivated (and able) to buy an "apocalypse ready" van that sets them up to go "off the grid" if they so desire. Guessing that (maybe?) these "prepper types" (no offense meant with that term) might have cash reserves....and be possibly ready to pay full price to be able to buy a van ASAP. So that would's a good time to sell an SMB.

So which is it, do you all think?
Really curious what the collective opinions / thoughts / on-the-ground reality of this "good time to sell?" question might be from you all.

And whether you're home, or if you're out there roaming...stay safe, everybody.

*As is implied by the nature of asking such a question.....yep, we have an SMB for sale. (No, we're not getting out of the SMB thing --- we just happen to have *two vans* at the moment, and one of the two was always earmarked for sale....though it was "on hold" until the second of the two had its build-out completed. (It's now the other van is ready to sell now.)
Your one hand or another are both good points,but............. You could put
it out there for a month or so and see. That time frame should tell ya something. If you don't hafta sell it, just wait. Besides who ever buys it can't go anywhere with it anyway I got kicked out of a Ca state park this AM just cause I wanted to Pee. There WILL be NO fun,just stay home in FEAR
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Lots of good points for & against, I say go for it. After all the low ball tire kickers, you may get what you want. Or maybe more than you want.
In these times. I'm guessing Tire kickers & vultures looking to feed on peoples hard times.
Of course that's just my opinion of society today
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Old 04-03-2020, 08:40 PM   #16
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Well, Im listing mine next week. Well see how it goes. Apart from having two SMBs parked in my driveway Im not desperate to sell. Im thinking the COVID thing will keep the tire kickers away. I have no idea how Id consumate a sale though. Will figure it out when I get to that point.
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Old 04-04-2020, 07:48 AM   #17
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Everywhere I go people are spending money. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave, not land of the wise. I can't believe how people are spending but they are. I sold a vehicle to a dealer last week for $1000 over blue book. I could not believe it. He said he had sold 7 cars the day before.

Obviously when the culture of credit has free time the reaction is to spend spend spend and damn the torpedoes!

I would list.
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Old 04-05-2020, 03:05 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by REF View Post
That all being might be blasted by the bottom feeders all sitting at home now with nothing else to do but to scam CL ads, be prepared to field a LOT of their Qs with no real intention of ever purchasing the rig, just something to pass the time, and we all got more of that these days!

The other point is, if you do find a viable interested party, do you really want to meet up with them? Have them come to your house? Poke around the van or be prepared to go for a test drive with them under the current situation?.....HELLS NO!!
I am ready to sell one too, but Rick just saved me the trouble of adding my response. His thoughts parallel mine exactly, thanks.............
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Old 04-09-2020, 11:49 AM   #19
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I have had 1996 4x4 Econoline since late 1995! you will have to pry it from my Cold Dead hands. You should keep it.. Unless you need the cash they are very hard to replace and you will likely never own one again..
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Price your van aggressively, sell it quickly and git on with your life.

There are still LOT'S of people out there with LOT'S OF MONEY that still will buy anything they believe is a good deal virus or not.

If you are a "Dreamer" when it comes to the value of your van you are wasting your time trying to sell it now. Listing your van now for a "Dreamer" price will only hurt your ability to sell later IF AND WHEN the economy recovers. Your van will be just another OVERPRICED Sportsmobile van that's been for sale for a longtime . You know that van that been for sale FOREVER because it is still VASTLY OVERPRICED!

Where you are located makes a big difference in the value of your van. Living in California you are in the prime market for this type of vehicle. Be glad you not in the middle of Kansas as that ain't the center of the world when it comes to the Sportsmobile market!

The only reason real estate, vehicles and many other items do not sell quickly is they are OVERPRICED! That's always true good times or bad times. Just remember times are not always bad everywhere.

Start thinking long and hard about what's the REAL PRICE you will ultimately take for your van. Not what ya want price, not what you need price, not what ya paid for it price just a GREAT SELLING PRICE that make a guy from the East Coast, West Coast, North or South want to come to California and buy your Sportsmobile.

Do your "Social Distancing" thing and other precautions you desire with your buyer when they come to look and buy your van. Make it easy for them to buy from you during these unusual times.

Git it gone and git on with life!

Remember "Drive Fast, Turn Heads, Break Hearts!"

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