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Electric camp motorcycle

I swear there was a thread on bring-along motorcycles but I couldn't find it, so I'm starting fresh.

I came across this new electric motorcycle that looks like it would make a great campsite bike. The bad news is that it doesn't exist just yet, but it might be worth keeping an eye on. Not exactly svelte, but promising.


Some info from the webpage:

"The Volcon Grunt’s 37 kW (50 hp) motor offers 102 Nm (75 lb-ft) of torque and propels the bike to a claimed 60 mph (96 km/h) top speed in 6 seconds. It also comes with a maximum range of 100 miles (160 km), though there is no word on what speed that range is clocked at

And the icing on the cake appears to be the Volcon Grunt’s pricing, with the Volcon Grunt listed at just $5,995 for a spring 2021 debut.


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Hey Bronco! I sure pay attentions to ANYTHING you post! You rock my man! Thanks fo r ALL the great advice, pics on and on...

anyway... This is excellent (nice price point too)..KTG and I have been thinking of some sort of minibike type (to haul behind us with little weight/effort for sporty) ie a 50cc or 80cc...to go down trails/scout for Sporty before we go down with it, not to mention mountain trails etc...thanks for the reference!

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I test rode an electric dirt bike at a rally, it was built with premium components and claimed to have a reasonable range. I didn't get a chance to really ring it out, but it felt great. I was sold until I looked it up and saw the price, it was comparable to a quality gas powered bike. I think I read they went out of business though. The point that the technology to build a quality bike is out there, it's just got to be a bit cheaper before I'll buy one over an internal combustion engine. This one may be worth looking at..........
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It looks really big in the pics with the guy on it. It looks really small (Like a Honda Z50 small) in the pics alone. It's messing with my head.

Herb, have you seen the Ubco bikes? They look a bit more bumper rack friendly. I have no idea about weight.

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I've got a version of this. I don't take it camping as I don't think charging it from my SMB is a good idea, though on full sunny days my panels will probably recover my house battery. It's a hoot around town and saves me many car trips of just a few miles for errands. Actually gets things done faster, as I learned how to maneuver.

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One thing to watch out for is these may not be usable if you routinely camp in Federally-run campgrounds, since they usually require any vehicles to be street legal.

As far as weight goes, I have a bumper-type receiver hitch and a Harbor Freight "400 pound" motorcycle carrier. I found I could carry a 180 pound Elite 80 just fine, but a 330 pound enduro bike was too much weight for the hitch to handle without deflecting. A hitch type motorcycle carrier will also really reduce your departure angle -- which is bad to begin with on an extended-length van. After a couple scary incidents I ended up getting a small trailer.
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Nice, thanks Herb.

After a 9 day motorcycle trip, I'm back to thinking about a small bike to carry on a hitch rack of some sort. I have an e-bike, but would rather have a small street legal motorcycle, whether electric or ICE.

I think for traveling, charging electric bikes or motorcycles is definitely something to figure out.

As mentioned, a rack will limit departure angle so a small off road trailer may be a better solution for some.
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Not to derail....
I have a street legal and currently licensed 1974 Honda CT70 that weighs in at 155 lbs that needs a new home. I haven’t gotten around to listing it, PM me if interested.
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I really like the concept of an electric bike, but as people have pointed out, charging in the sticks isn’t really an option at this point, unless a generator would do it, but I don’t have one or have the room to carry one if I did. I’d love a quiet means for checking out single tracks and learning the areas around where we camp though. Definitely something I’d be interested in once refined and dialed in... providing they aren’t severely overpriced.

A dual bike hauler does screw departure angles, but it’s rarely stopped us from getting to our destination. It does limit exploring a bit, but not near as much as a trailer would.

We’re pretty happy with our pit bikes. They are the size of a klx110, but have 160cc motors. Street legal so we can take them anywhere and powerful enough to get us up most single track trails. Well me anyway, lol. The wife is considerably more limited anymore. The little bikes are nice though since she can’t hike or mtn bike anymore. They are the only way we can really explore these days. My only complaints are that they are noisy and the seats aren’t the most comfortable.
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Originally Posted by BroncoHauler View Post

"The Volcon Grunt’s 37 kW (50 hp) motor offers 102 Nm (75 lb-ft) of torque and propels the bike to a claimed 60 mph (96 km/h) top speed in 6 seconds.

50 hp!....more then either KTM in my garage! For reference a Honda 90 is about 8 HP on a good day..... For a camper putt putt bike 8 hp is sufficient....50 HP is a fire breather.

Sounds kinda like the E-bike that Simon Cowell broke his back riding in the first few seconds...twisted the E-throttle and landed on his ass/back.

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