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My wife has developed (since we bought Sporty) a heartburn issue when we travel...AND, I wish I could be more specific, but this is what she has told me;
Not always, but after LONG days traveling on HWY, she starts to get a radiating chest pain that makes it hard to move, turn head, etc. It has happened on most of our 10 plus trips we have taken in Sporty since '14...maybe once or twice per trip....maybe related to Gerd? It happened for the first time in our passenger SUV when making a trip back to IL recently...(which gives me hope that it ISN'T SMB exclusively) Any other passenger prone owners/users our there (especially raised 4x4 Econolines) who have experienced this or heard of it?

It NEVER happened in the years before/since we started our LOOONG Road Trip adventures in '06-'14 (pre SMB days) but now?

I think its a combination of looking down at technology too much (maps, WAZE, google etc) and her acid reflux or even Costocondriitis (her Mom has it)....I know, I know...anyway, this is pretty specific so if I get any hits/knowledge, I will feel thing for sure..can't sell the Sporty (lol)...maybe I'll have to see how much for the wife?

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FWIW, I know my frequency and severity of heartburn has gone up with middle age, but has nothing to do with traveling for me. At home I've elevated the head of our mattress which has helped somewhat.

As for some of your wife's other symptoms, I wonder if that's really heartburn related. I'm no doctor, but are you sure it's not shingles?


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Perhaps it has something to do with the specific resonance (or vibration frequency) of your rig when its driving on the road? Maybe your off-road tires are aggressive enough of a tread pattern that they induce some "buzzing" frequency into the cabin that just isn't agreeable to your wife for some reason?
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Here are some guesses. How often are you stopping for rest breaks on your long trips? You may need to make more stops to let her get out and stretch her body out. Another thought is haw she is sitting in the seat. Her body may be reacting to being all crunched up. She may want to try changing sitting positions.

My better half usually sleeps while I drive.
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GERD....hiatal hernia.....and many more possibilities..

...other than in the van for long hours, does anything else trigger the heartburn?
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Pay attention to any food differences that result from being on the road mode. Reduce the stress and worry of the trip planning as much as possible prior to and during the trip for her, enter the event with as little stress as possible.
Reduce acid forming foods and drinks, maybe even get a test strip ( they come in strip and long rolls) and test you pH then you'll know if you are too acidic. Eat alkaline foods and drinks.
Diagnose what you can Do to reduce the symptoms your getting versus diagnosing the What it may or may not be...
When we are gearing up and prepping for a trip the stress raises considerably; tons of details to nail and always something left partially done at the end as we're rolling out.
My body handles this pressure and charges up with it; Granny gets a headache and feels lousy by the time we're pavement bound and charging off to adventure.
She has a ton of different issues dietary, etc. to deal with and she always goes about managing her symptoms strategically.
Gather 'data' then make a plan.
Peace and strength to work this out, be methodical slow and steady. Greatest regards.
eme and Granny
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I have GERD and it's one of my asthma triggers. I have been on a high dose proton pump inhibitor along with another antacid for almost 3 years, which is a lot. My guesses would be along the lines of what Larrie said, but none of us are doctors. I'd encourage your wife to see her physician, who could recommend tests and a possible visit to a gastroenterologist. This stuff can get serious. Gastric liquids can eat up the larynx and cause cancer. Just the acidic gas fumes can come up and go down the other way and cause permanent damage in the lungs, so seeing the doctor would be a good thing to do.
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Eat alkaline foods.
Eat more organic foods
And watch the frequency of eating. Sometimes more or less will make a difference.
Real fruit in water instead of plain.
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An interesting take on GERD, which I have a lot of problems with. What TomH said.
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I have a hiatal I keep a bottle of Pepcid dual action chewables in the van front console. I usually end up with heartburn from drinking coffee constantly while driving at night to help stay fully alert. Also avoid burgers or other greasy foods when on the road

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