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people piss me off....

this is a rant and I apologize, but I gotta vent a little here....

my wife was recently diagnosed with crps. she is dealing with a lot of pain right now and is on crutches, cant go to work, and is claiming disability. we have a 4 day trip planned to camp this weekend. I am working 2 jobs right now. one fulltime, and another part time job 4 days a week. since I don't have much free time, my wife has been trying to help me get ready for this weekend (doing what very little she can). she has been driving van since she cant drive a stick shift car right now. she pulled into a local store and found a spot right up front but only way to get into it was to back in. now my wife can drive the wheels off race cars, but the bigger vehicles she has very little experience with. still, she does great for how big the van really is. people without vehicles of this size really have zero clue...

so she parks and hobbles over to get a rascal. as shes waiting to get into the store shes by the customer service desk. she hears some irate lady screaming at the top of her lungs that someone has parked on top of her vehicle and she cant leave the store parking lot. the lady mentions a big white van so my wife tells her that it could be hers if the lady is parked right up front. unfortunately my wife didn't check her park job after parking and just walked in. I have a feeling this wont happen again.

they go out into the lot and the lady is demanding our insurance info, dl license, registration etc. my wife says sure, and I want to see yours knowing that this lady is going for a bs claim. cops are called. right off the bat they can see that their time is being wasted. they ask the lady to move her car so they can access the damage. she resists and according to my wife goes from cop to cop trying to get answers that she wants. then she demands to see surveillance video. the police tell her that they were not going to issue a citation because there was no damage to either vehicle. then the tow truck pulls up....this screwball called a towtruck. by now the cops are getting agitated and tell the lady that its private property and they had no intentions of asking for surveillance tape. crazy lady insists that they watch it so she goes into store and bothers them to see tape. tape confirms that my wife backed into her car. shocker...

this is going on an hour now that this lady is freaking out over NOTHING and the police finally tell her they are leaving and my wife is allowed to actually go about her business in the store. the lady storms off screaming how she is going to sue us for damages. the police tell my wife that this lady is clearing digging for gold and that they will have no issues going to bat for her in court if it ever gets that far.

here is what they all walked out to

yes, my wife kissed the hood. they could almost pull a piece of paper between the tire and the hood. police confirmed that our tire did ZERO damage and noted so on the report.

this lady is lucky it wasn't me she was dealing with. she wouldn't have got ANY personal info from me until the cops showed up. since my wife did provide info to her I have called and put in a warning claim to my insurance company letting them know that this asshat will likely try to turn in a fraudulent claim if for nothing else a towing bill. they have all pix and driver info. I hope she calls and they tell her to piss up a rope.

what is wrong with people? she screamed bloody murder and made it sound like someone parked a monster truck on her hood and she was incapable of leaving the store. this scenario has happened to me in the past. in a beat down oxidized Toyota just like that one. I wanted to stay and at least be a sarcastic ass about learning how to park, but since there was no damage and I was in a hurry, I just left. this lady overreacted for an hour and made my wifes life a living hell for no damn reason. plus ive left all kinds of info out of this story to at least make it a little shorter. id love to post a pic of her license here, but that would likely get me in trouble. anyway, thanks for letting me bitch and moan with font. just had to get this out of my system... at least its our Friday and were headed camping for 4 days!!

"understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of your car, oversteer is when you hit the wall with the rear of your car, horsepower is how hard your car hits the wall, and torque is how far your car moves the wall."
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Good thing the police were called so you have proof for your insurance company against a fraudulent claim. Might want to give a copy of that report to your insurance so they can back up the rejected claim that is sure to come in.

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Dude, that sucks...

But isn't a driver's license public info? LOL
I'm NOT a trouble maker hahah
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^^^ if they are, im posting it up. this lady needs mental help. id love to be able to warn folks about her.

and it does suck. my wife is barely mobile as it is and this is one of her first trips out of the house in 2 months and this crap goes down. she was a mess yesterday after this bs. just added stress she does not need at the moment

mikracer. I created a claim with my insurance company just to counter act a fraudulent claim. they have all photos including this ladys license, her license plate, her insurance card, and a copy of the officers that responded card with case number. they have already requested a copy of the police report.
"understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of your car, oversteer is when you hit the wall with the rear of your car, horsepower is how hard your car hits the wall, and torque is how far your car moves the wall."
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People are crazy. The craziest, most violent, most predatory animals of all. Sometimes you run into a real winner. I'm sure all the ambulance chasing lawyers advertising during the 24/7 news propaganda she watches has told her that she's intitled to millions if anyone gets NEAR her personal space. Good luck man, enjoy the camping.

Currently vanless. Weird.
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shenrie, I'm more concerned that your sweetheart needs some peace and quiet and work to figure out her crps!
That other person, don't let her occupy ya'lls energy. It's too precious. You write this shit down to get it out of your system, symbolically dispose of it and walk on...
monitor the insurance as it come s to you, but let it go brother, let it go.
Your beautiful partner needs redirection and focus on getting healthy. Not the negative crap this other person spewed into the environment.
My 8th grade math teacher said these words all the time, all the dam time: You Get What You Give. It'll come to her, she'll live with herself.
Ya'll stand strong, focus your energy on your health. And make it so...
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thanks for your concern emmay. i really do appreciate it. my main concern is my wife. i wouldnt have cared in the least bit if she had done damage. its the fact that she didnt have her crutches and was stuck out in weather for no damn reason when realistically she shouldnt have been out and about in the first place. that crazy hag wasted an hour plus of two officers, my wife and the managers at the store. all for nothing.

we consider it a closed subject and it will be unless this insane person actually calls our insurance and tries to make a claim. she will be forever known as the wacko at winco.

that said, we have made leaps and bounds in our struggle with her crps in the last week. i finally have my wife back after 2 solid moths of nothing but pain and tears. we are so looking forward to the next 4 days!!

this was the first real smile i had seen out of her in 6 weeks on a camp trip 2 weeks ago. she was still fighting bouts of pain, but she was in her element and even though she was in pain, i still got a sweet preview of them pearly whites...seriously warmed my heart instantly!!

Originally Posted by 86Scotty View Post
...Sometimes you run into a real winner.

we WILL enjoy our trip regardless. good friends in good places. this is an annual event for our tribe. so thank you
"understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of your car, oversteer is when you hit the wall with the rear of your car, horsepower is how hard your car hits the wall, and torque is how far your car moves the wall."
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I have found that some people are simply outraged by the mere appearance or presence of my van. Comments like "what is THAT THING" (it's a Ford Van) occur surprisingly often. I dunno, maybe it's the lifted suspension, or the large tires, or the black-and-tan menacing look. Yet I drive in the slow lane so as not to inter-mix with the up-your-tailpipe fast-lane drivers, I park in the far back of parking lots (because I don't want door dings - on any of my vehicles) and I very much mind my own business. Some people you just can't please... an incident such as a perceived collision just exacerbates the attitude.
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What a joke. Glad your past this and out enjoying some much needed relaxation time. Hope your wife continues to enjoy yalls vacation and gets better (if that's how crps works?).
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Rant on Shenrie! We're here to listen and support- great to see your wife's smile. I myself got some laughs out of your rant!

When I was moving to WV in January 2016, I walked across the parking lot to a Reynoldsburg. Ohio Starbucks. Some hot head chick almost ran me over pulling into a parking place crooked so I rapped my knuckles on her trunk then entered the store and got in line. She slammed open the door, stared me down and started yelling across the store, "NOBODY TOUCHES MY CAR WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE etc". I was wearing jeans boots and a knife on my belt and she did not seem to care for my 'look' either. (Gang conflict crossed my mind) She tried to corner me but I slid by her and she continued to yell so we had a slight encounter. SERIOUSLY bummed out me and somehow my entire day went to hell in a hand basket!

I can have success deflecting conflict but the manager was afraid of her, she hounded me the whole time I waited for my drink and the entire store glared at her. (But no one else spoke to her so I was on my own I could not get out of there fast enough.

I can barely imagine how that effected your wife, some people are no damn good. I often think that we never know what kind of day a person we are talking to is having and it's soooo easy to be kind and help their day be better. Too bad people like the assclown* don't get that.

(*my counterpart to asshat )

Take care of each other.

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