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Wanted: New a fellow van nut!

This is a total long shot but I know this forum reaches a lot of people in a lot of places. Maybe some of you know of opportunities out there or have friends who manage companies who are looking for talent. You never know unless you ask right?

Have you ever seen the movie "Office Space"? I'm living what seems like an identical life as the characters in that movie. My employer even has a similar name to "Initec".

Long story short... I'm bored in my current position. I've reached the ceiling for a mechanical engineer in an electronics company. I can go no higher than I am right now and I don't want to do this for a couple more years let alone 20.

Those who have read my posts can probably pick up on the fact that I have a creative/inventive streak and I'm not afraid to take on challenging projects. I have worked in (very) high volume manufacturing, high-mix/low volume manufacturing, one-off prototyping, electronics manufacturing, heavy industry, machine shop environments, destructive testing, etc... I've even worked as a mechanic in a truck shop and a fabricator in a custom street rod shop. I'm currently taking some classes/teaching myself software programming and while I'm still here at this company, I'm learning as much as I can about hardware design. Not to mention all of the things I've designed/fabricated and featured on my website and various forums... I'd say that I have a well-rounded skill set.

I feel like I'd be a perfect fit in a small company or startup that needed someone who can wear a lot of hats. I'm extremely capable and resourceful especially when I'm not constrained by the sluggishness of large company bureaucracy. I'm very stifled where I'm at now because this is the massive corporate machine and we aren't encouraged (and in many cases discouraged) to work outside of our given assignments.

Willing to move out of the Pacific NW for the right opportunity.

If any of you know of opportunities for a multi-faceted engineer/fabricator/product designer/machinist/welder/artist/programmer/geek, let me know. I'm looking for the right opportunity, not just any opportunity. In my experience, the best opportunities have been through my network of friends and colleagues, not necessarily online job postings so I'm throwing this out there to see what turns up.

Happy to provide a resume, design portfolio and references upon request.


ps...There will be some of you who may ask about my business and why not just give that a go? Believe me, I would if I had the finances for it. The fact is that I don't have enough financial cushion (for living expenses) to venture out on my own at this time. The business makes some money but not enough to feed a family and to get it to that point would take more capital outlay than I have....and even then there's no guarantee that y'all buy enough van parts to feed my kids.

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It would be a sad day indeed when someone with your breadth of talents is unable to find a satisfying and rewarding position.

I really hope you can do your own thing. It is frighteningly rewarding to work without a net.

That said a man has to look out for his family.

Good hunting,


"Talk is cheap. Whiskey costs money."

"Talk is cheap. Whiskey costs money."
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Thanks Gavin! I've worked without a net before (before wife and kids) and it was very rewarding. MG Metalworks was my full time effort for a while. I loved it! The problem is that what I was doing back then was very capital intensive and I had to hang my neck (and bank/credit accounts) out pretty far for most of the year. Ok for me but too stressful for my wife. I'm trying to find challenging and rewarding work without stressing out my wife. That could be my own business some day but right now is not the time.
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Good luck with your search. I have a friend's son interning with Local Motors. They have a few things posted. Not for sure about fit for listings, but seems like the right kind of company.

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You can come down here and work in my garage for a week or two and teach me how to weld stuff and then we can add on goodies to my motorcycle. Maybe three weeks. Just a thought. Good luck to you finding something you will love to do.
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Send a message via Yahoo to JWA
Like others here already pretty much in awe of your output its nearly impossible thinking your talent and abilities cannot find a home in an environment more fitting what we've seen you do "part time".

Without hyperbole you're an artist working in a mechanical engineering/design/fabrication medium, bringing so many skills together it's amazing to see even if in photos here.

While I can't help find you something more suitable situation or fund your own start up endeavor the contributions and commentary posted here in SMB would make an amazing resume. Few here will disagree I'm sure.

Hope where ever you end up you'll remain a part of SMB----we fans would be lost without ya!
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Thank you everyone for the responses! I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help!

I have a couple leads to follow up on from this and other sources I reached out to so I'm hoping for the best. I also have a few product ideas coming up that may help the business get some legs too. Never a dull moment around here.

Thanks again! You guys rock!
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Just my two cents: Chris at U-Joint Offroad could be interested in skills like yours...

Good luck in your search!
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Us van family is behind you all the way MG!!!
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Good luck MG

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