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My Big Stuck

Originally Posted by JCTex
On re-reading thread, I did see for the dark I need to be able to set up a large LED work light or two remotely from the van. My under-hood work LED would not have cut it. Then, even if I had such a big light, how could I have set it up high enough to see the work area? Set it on a chair, maybe.
Rock lights...I got mine from Olympus off road, they came free with purchase of their pod lights, mounting them up next week. Plenty of other sources for them.

Hi-lift off road base...

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Re: My Big Stuck

no it was Walker lake in the middle of nowhere solo. I have now learned to read that terrain.

this makes me want a set of Max trax but I have no room.

Originally Posted by REF
Well, I guess you won't be driving into that hole again! MaxTrax are certainly nice to have, have to add them to my list...gooseberry, that wouldn't have been pyramid lake? By any chance did you try putting it in 4 low? And airing down? You've certainly got some stories from this trip down.

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Re: My Big Stuck

Kelly, you must find a place for the MaxTrax. They're worth it , although pricey.
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Re: My Big Stuck

Strips of old carpet work pretty well too for traction (won't really help for floatation though). Also makes it somewhat more comfortable to lay on the ground and work on the underside of your rig.

SMB-less as of 02/04/2012. Our savings account is richer, but our adventures are poorer.
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Re: My Big Stuck

Congratulations on getting yourself out Geoff! That salt crust covered muck is my worst nightmare. I was stuck exactly like you in my Jeep several times and have this terrain on my STAY AWAY radar now that I'm exploring the same places in the SMB.

You've got a great picture of exactly why you and the other vehicles got stuck in that spot. At the highest tides of the year, that rock berm filters the Sea of Cortez onto that playa. The area closest to the berm stays the wettest the longest while the further away areas have a thicker/firmer layer of salt mud. You can get suckered into feeling the ground under you is firm until it's too late. The closer you get to the dangerous area the more your momentum is slowly being bled off by the mud. Once you break through the surface you're not going anywhere until you put in some time sweat and muscle getting dirty!

As a general rule I don't mind getting stuck in Baja. It gives me an excuse to stop, grab a beer and explore an area I wouldn't have otherwise stopped at. Granted those times are in deep sand that I've got quite a bit of practice getting through. Salt traps like yours are a whole other nightmare!

Make sure you wash the bottom of your rig thoroughly. Those little clods of salt mud will stick everywhere and slowly eat away whatever they're stuck to...

Thanks for the write-up, how was the rest of the trip? Beautiful beaches and out of the way areas down there... Don't get me started on the beach combing!

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Re: My Big Stuck

Gnarly! And a great story!

I once got both my buggy and my truck stuck the same mud hole (at the same time). The locals that helped me out called it "The Lake". I should have known...

That lugnut-lift adapter is a nice invention. Takes a little more time, but I've always hesitated to hi-lift a nice alloy wheel.
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Re: My Big Stuck

I can't believe no one has asked the really important question. How did you keep the interior of the van clean ?

Thanks for spending the time to take pictures and write up your solutions, great job.
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Re: My Big Stuck

Few good points. Hubs locked, tire pressure down, and in four wheel drive "prior" to the real need once you make up your mind to go forward. Once stuck with above done and verified, start with easiest method first which would be even lower air pressure or 4 Maxtrax. Without a winch you can then move on to jacking or winching with HiLift, using a PullPal.
Normally a set of Maxtrax shoveled under each tire is enough to feed them under and get you out.

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Re: My Big Stuck

It doesn't look or sound to me like he was ever in 4-wheel drive.
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Re: My Big Stuck

Nice job! I'm impressed!

My buddy and I have a saying when we go snowmobiling... "If you get yourself out you wern't really stuck" however in your case you were.

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