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Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

This forum has been a great help when I work on my van. I keep meaning to post about mods I'm making in the hopes of paying some back. My new stereo, satellite radio, backup camera, and speakers seemed like a good place to start. First, let me say that all of you that can get pictures as you're doing the work on your vehicles impress the heck out me. That said, I did my best to get photos as I went.

My biggest problem for the whole install was removing the Sportsmobile interior trim panel on the right rear door. Even with trim tools, I could not get the plastic tabs out without snapping them off. Any ideas? luckily, this was the only Sportsmobile door panel I had to remove, the rest I could just kind of finagle to install speakers. I think I'll have to drill holes in this door panel and secure with tabs through the panel.

The Goods:
Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS head unit
SiriusXM receiver
Pyle PLCM22IR backup camera
Polk Audio DXi525 5 1/4" speakers
Blautpunkt Blue Magic Component Speakers 5 1/4"
Cheapo Pioneer 6X8" Speakers in the rear doors.

Back up Camera

The most unique part of my system is that my back up camera is installed in the back door where the lock use to be. My key didn't work in the lock, so this option made sense for me. The Backup cam was the start of this whole project. I have a 22 month old son as do my next door neighbors with whom I share a driveway. Makes for some tiny, high velocity bodies in big blind spots. My wife is not comfortable with the van, so the back up camera is must for her on the occasions she drives it.

once the door panel was removed, I just had to remove 4 screws to get to the license plate holder. a little piece of spring steel holds in the lock barrel and a dremel makes the hole just big enough for the backup camera. I tapped power from the reverse lights so the camera comes on whenever the car is in reverse. The wires on this camera are really crumby. They are tiny, tiny, tiny. I hope they do not break too soon.

there is also no "top" mark on these cameras (I suspect it is the same camera for all the brands and no brands I saw with this style) so make sure you've got it in right before you put everything back together.


The rear Pioneer 6X8s were a breeze. They are made for Fords and bolt right in, screw hole line up and everything. They sound okay and are perfect for rear doors.

The Polk DXi525 are the middle speakers and are run in series with the pioneers. Because I wanted to run the 4 speakers in series, I needed to run new speaker wire. My van was originally a 4 speaker van, luckily Sportsmobile seems to cut the hole for the side door speaker by default and put a plug in it if there is no speaker. All i had to do on the door was remove the plug behind the sportsmobile grill. The speakers came from Crutchfield with 6X8 to 5 1/4" mounting plates. The plates really made mounting these speakers a breeze. I found what I thought was the best placement for the left speaker and cut it into the paneling.

The Blaupunkt speakers went in the front doors and were pretty simple because of the 6X8 to 5 1/4" plates. They are 3ohm which is low for the Pioneer head unit, but Sonicelectronics and Crutchfield seemed to think it would be okay. So far, so good. Make sure you know how to remove the door panels. If you are pulling to get them off, you are probably doing it wrong and are about to break something. There are no push tabs holding on the front door skins.

Head Unit and SiriusXM receiver

I chose this head unit because it had everything I wanted including HD Radio. After two weeks, I wouldn't go out of my way for HD again. If you live in a big city, it might be worthwhile. I really like everything about this unit. The blutooth works great, everything is intuitive and the screen is perfect for my back up camera. I ordered an override for the parking break because I do not use the parking break (I don't think the previous owner used it, and I do not want to risk it sticking). I assume it works, but haven't really tried watching anything but the back up camera.

The head unit came with a Metra kit. The Kit is mediocre. I know people love these, but I didn't think it fit all that well. Maybe I didn't file the opening perfectly. The wire harness worked fine. The SiriusXM receiver went in easy enough. I don't love how I ran the antenna (up and across the a pillar and tucked under the windshield rubber), but I didn't want to drill holes through above the windshield which was the only other option I saw. We'll see how it holds up.

So far the system is really musical. Way better than the stock cassette deck! These speakers are great if you can live without "The Boom". They are still very full sounding, but you would obviously have to ad an amp and subwoofer if you wanted to impress the whole campground I love my back up camera and the fact that I can listen to the music on my phone. I really don't need cd cases cluttering up my van. That's about it for now. If I think of more, I'll post it. Hope this helps someone.

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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

Nice write up, and good pics. A back-up camera is in my future... I am not sure the key hole will work for me, but its clever and super clean.

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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

I agree, the keyhole idea is a good one. Very clean.

I used the Metra kit for my install, and it works okay. It's not elegant, but that may be its best feature, because it blocks the DIN removal holes on the head unit. To get my HU out, I have to remove the doghouse and use a right-angle ratchet screwdriver on the brackets. At least it will keep the small time crooks out.

You might want to use your old factory radio faceplate and make a cover for your shiny new stereo. I did that, and it looks pretty good.
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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

That's an interesting application for PW switch mounting on the door panels!

I've added PW & PDL's to vans not originally equipped and used donor door panels with that factory option. Your method opens adding PW's to most any van.

I also like the back up cam mounting----with PDL's that rear key cylinder isn't needed and it makes a clean and easy install.

Great upgrades!
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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

Thanks for the feedback. I love the idea of using my old face plate to deter thieves with a faux radio. I had a single din sony from around 1990 and it came with a faux air vent to hide behind. I loved it.

The window switches were there when I bought the van. I wish it was my idea.
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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

^^^ thread/ideas for creating fake faceplates: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9375

super easy with any kind of dremmel tool

rear camera looks great, but wouldnt work for our end plan. very creative and sneaky application though, i love it!

i like the placement of your aftermarket pw switches as well. am i right to assume they are placed over the old roller upper posts?? ours were done prior so i had no say and they were installed on the dash. really bad placement and the covers for the original cranks have been lost and now we have exposed mechanisims
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Re: Back Up Camera, Stereo, Speakers, and Door Panels

Yes, the power window switches are over the window roller uppers. Wish i could take credit, but it was done before i bought the van. I suspect the back up cam won't work on my future/ideal van, but it's fun pp. this one.

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