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Ford 6-CD changer Error 61

I got a used stereo in the mail and it has a sticker "SCRAP IF DROPPED" on the top.

Well I'm guessing it got drop kicked or something because the CD portion errored out, said it was full of disks and diagnostics said Error 61. Everything I've found says the stereo is susceptible to this kind of problem.

Took the faceplate off and one of the CD trays was visibly mis-aligned so I used tweezers to reset it, but alas, back in the SMB and same problem- thinks it's full of CDs and won't do anything but play NPR. It's basically a glorified clock now.

The good news is I got a free stereo tool with it so now I can jack somebody else quite easily!

Anyway, before it goes in the bin, anything else I should try?

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Re: Ford 6-CD changer Error 61

Only things of potential value I found were here: ... error.html ... part=1.htm (third post from the bottom)


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Re: Ford 6-CD changer Error 61

This wasn't exactly what happened, but taking everything apart and futzing with it seemed to help. One of the guide pins on one of the trays is snapped but so far it loads and plays CDs in slots 1 and 2.

Ford 6 Disk In Dash Changer Repair

By Clayton Timbs

The Problem:
You just powered on your 6 Disk Changer and it shows ?SLOTS FULL? whenever you try to load a CD. When you try to eject a Disk it says ?DISK ERROR? and of course when you try to enter the CD mode it says ?NO CD?.

The Fix.
It turns out on my radio there is a small support arm that jumped out of place and jammed the mechanical mechanism in the changer. Aparantly this problem is caused when the unit is shipped/jolted with the laser head in the operating position instead of the stored position. I apologize for not having pictures I may try to post some instructions with pictures in the future but here it goes.

1. There are three screws on each side of the radio. Start by removing the top two on each side.

(NOTE: Be sure to note the placement of all parts removed from the radio. Especially the springs which may be slightly different and try to keep the changer upright.)

2. Now the changer unit can be lifted off of the radio. Be CAREFUL when you remove the changer there is a ribbon cable on the bottom and a two wire connector going to the radio face.

3. Disconnect both cables connecting the radio to the changer.

4. Unscrew the six small philips screws that secure the cover on the changer.

5. This is where it starts to get tricky! Looking from the top of the radio there are four springs suspending the radio on the anti shock mechanism (Four rubber cones) be sure to note the position of each of these springs and remove them. On my radio one spring was smaller/weaker than the others and I am not sure I got it back in the right place.

(Note: There is a metal retainer on top of the CD Trays held on by three springs. DO NOT!!! Remove this retainer unless absolutely necessary it is very difficult to get the springs back in place.)

6. Now remove the four retainer rings on the corners of the changer. This will free the rubber anti shock cones.

7. Push the cones into the frame and remove the guts of the changer.

8. If you look at the changer from the back you can see the laser/motor head in the middle of the CD Trays. On the left side of the laser/motor head looking from the back there is a small slot (it was made of pink plastic on my radio). Directly to the left of that slot there is a black plastic arm that swings out and is supposed to lock into that slot when the head is fully deployed. This was the problem on my radio. The black support arm was in front of the laser/motor head. Without forcing anything push the laser/motor head to the right and place the support arm in its slot.

9. Now looking from the front of the radio the trays should be level if one is crooked you need to retract the laser/motor head to its stored position. To do this turn the front motor on the right side counter clockwise.

(Note: I Think it may have been counter clockwise don?t force it the motion should be smooth I used a small torx driver that just fit into the end of the worm gear.)

10. When the laser/motor head reaches the back of the radio the four arms that grip the CD tray will retract.

(Note: Looking from the top of the changer there should be just enough room for the head to move up and down along the trays.)

11. Now reverse the procedure and put everything back together. You can leave the head in the stowed position in the back of the changer.
and then
everything changed
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