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What do you call this battery box and where can I get another?

Iím interested in adding a second battery to my van. Iíd like to reproduce the existing setup from the passenger rear corner on the driversís side rear. The existing battery is a group 27 in a fiberglass box. The box appears to have flanges that support it after dropping in the hole cut in the van floor. I kind of like the battery access from the inside for security and protecting the battery from the road salt.

Iíve searched all over google for fiberglass boxes and the only similar boxes I can find are used for European race cars. I found UK and German sites with something similar, but as you can imagine the cost+shipping is too much. Where the heck did SMB get these originally? Any idea where I can get one now? Is there a modern/better way to box a second battery? Thanks in advance.
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I've never seen a set-up like that before. I agree that it's a handy way of carrying the batteries with better access and protection from the elements. Seems that a local welding shop could replicate that in either steel or aluminum for around $600?

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That looks totally custom to me as well.
Not sure $600 custom. But will probably be at least a few hundred for sure.
Not a bad way to mount them. Will need a few more dollars in wiring it up.
Maybe check with a stereo shop. They could probably build a glass box like that.
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Google flush mount or recessed battery box. Thereís a few different companies out there that make them. Hereís the first one that came up when I searched. No idea if any of them make ones big enough for van needs.

Fabbing one of those up shouldnít be $600 unless you have a shop in a resort town do it. Aluminum would definitely be more than steel, but Iíd hope you could get one made for under $300. Then again, anything attached to #vanlife will be 3 times more than it should be, so steve may be right on the mark with his guess.
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Thanks for the responses everybody. Using the term “flush mount box” definitely opens up a few more options. The original is fiberglass, which seems to be holding up well and is lightweight and corrosion proof. Quick search didn’t show any made of FG. I guess 20 years of marine/automotive progress has eliminated this product from the market. I had no idea this was such a rare setup on top of it. Is it possible that SMB fabricated this custom for the original owner?
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What about contacting a marine shop that works with fiberglass?
Searching the internet for fiberglass battery box doesn't result in much...and here are some links that might help.

It shouldn't be too difficult for a shop that already fabricates fiberglass boxes to create one with a flange for recessing.

Custom Fiberglass & Repair Examples
Battery Boxes for Equipment & Industrial Use |
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Not sure if it is totally custom, just maybe an older SMB setup. I had a 1995 Dodge SMB with a double battery setup using the fiberglass flush mount underfloor boxes.

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Yep, that is an older SMB setup. Many vans from mid 90's back had them done that way.

They might still sell you the box, who knows. It's worth a call. Remember all SMB locations are different. You'll have to call each one. My guess would be Nancy at the Indiana SMB location would be your best help.

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I have the exact same thing in my 2001 Ford E350 SMB, debating on lithium or AGM and that will determine if I make it bigger to fit a couple batteries or not.

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