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My trip to the Junk Yard today

I mean "salvage center".

I was looking for the matching bolt pattern for the Ford passenger swivel base today. Found a bunch of them but no matches. Most where 11x11, some 11x9. I asked for prices and $20 seemed to be the going rate.

I was checking out the inside of this one and something hissed at me, scared the crap out of me. Have no idea what it was and had no intention of going for a second look.
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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

What? You didn't snag that uber-snazzy teardrop shaped porthole too?

Some days at those junk yards we do stumble across some cool finds.

And I'm with ya on the hissing----I'm also NOT looking for its source!

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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

I love "yardin", but theres no way in hell i could have just walked away from an unidentified hiss, lol. idda ripped that thing apart till i found the hiss source. only things ive seen at our yards is pissed off hornets and the occasional runny babbits.

Im going to go do me a run through our 3 pick and pulls today. Not a lot of van turnaround, but got to keep an eye out for parts, or easy money turnarounds.
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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

The other day I went and quickly realized I made a huge mistake. Don't go into a yard in late summer in shorts without insect repellent on! I was swarmed by mosquitos the whole time, huge welts all over my ankles. I shoulda thought about that since we have mosquitos so bad here anyway.


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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

I spent a lot of time in in the 80's in junkyards in Nevada looking for parts for my El Camino. Very carefully checked before I laid on my back trying to get a clutch pedal setup out of a Malibu. Snakes and scorpions scare the bejeezus out of me!

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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

Shadzima, where was the yard where you saw this van? I shared you picture on another van forum (and expressed a Cowboy's admiration for the "Caballeros" van). Some of the gang over there are curious about the location.

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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

Otay Mesa near the border. ... 80419ebaf2
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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

Man I just love digging through the junk yard... Perhaps I like being rough in the extraction of a part and using my saw... or maybe it is the inner cheapskate but something draws me to a salvage yard like skeeters to an open vein.

I recently hacked out a few mounts for folding beds... Getting ready to post up a thread of my build.
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Re: My trip to the Junk Yard today

Shadzima, Nice score on the swivel(s)!

I have 2 requests.

1) would you mind measuring the bottom bolt pattern and posting that and what it fits in? I'm working on sort of a database of this stuff.


2) Please notice that one end of the sliders on the base you pictured has been raised up an inch or so from the plate, probably by tightening the slider against a 2nd nut instead of the plate itself. I've seen this a lot where people are trying to lean the seat back some. It's a VERY bad idea to rely on the shoulder of a nut or even large washer in this fashion. Imagine sitting in this seat (let's say you're 200lbs like I am) and the van is traveling only 22 mph and comes to a sudden stop (like 60-0 in under 200 ft) and instead of 10" or of steel rail on both sides of the seat supporting your mass (10" long x 1" wide x 2 rails = 20^2"), there's under 4 square inches doing that work (75% less). That's 200lbs x 9.8 m/s^2) at a distance of 12" (the center of gravity of your body and the seat is about 2 ft above the floor and about 1 foot above/behind the bolts in question). Whoever used these bases before you was trusting less than 4 square inches of material to control about 3,200 lb/ft of force. Please don't follow their example. Let's say that's happened a couple times before and that steel is fatigued. So it breaks and your face meets the dash (fast and hard) then your seat falls over backward (equal and opposite reaction) or FAR worse if you have airbags. Let's say when your seat falls over backward there's a passenger in the 2nd row, maybe a kid. That's 200lb you (with nose broken and a concussion) plus 100 lb seat falling onto a kid in a very violent way. This scenario can get way way worse real real fast. I'm using quick and dirty math that's over simplified but still accurate. This example holds true for everything we load in our vehicles and don't properly secure. That 100lb spare tire will be a ton of hurt by the time it travels from the back of your van to the back of your seat and even if you use a 500lb rated tie-down you've come up way short. People say all the time that they've "been doing that for years without a problem" and I say "well then you're overdue for a problem."


2) Please properly bolt your seat rails down to the plates or fabricate a proper spacer if you choose to recline them as pictured. Be safe!


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