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What tools do I need?

As I continue my van build I am looking to get more tools. I don't really have much other than your basic stuff (Hammer, Axe, Basic Screw Driver Set, Basic Socket Set, Hex Keys, Measuring Tape, Cordless Drill) as I've always lived in the city and never really had to take care of the properties I had (Condo's/apartments). Currently live in an apartment so my storage is somewhat limited.

I have the opportunity to purchase anything from the Dewalt lineup at significant discount through a friend and am looking at compiling a list of items for the purposes of:

- Completing my van build (Still need to do floor, cabinetry, electrical, insulation/sound deadening,etc)
- Tools handy to bring with me on trips for basic field repairs/maintenance

Some things that I'm looking to get currently:

Cordless Drill
Impact Gun (Do I need one?)
Cordless Chainsaw (Camping - Bucking Firewood and Limbing trees, we get a lot of downed trees on the forest roads that I travel and I'm 10ft high)
Saw - Not sure what I need to get for the cabinetry work or interior paneling
One of those 100-200 piece mechanic sets

Looking for some advice on what tools I should invest in for my current and future projects.


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A cordless drill is a must---if they don't have one that can/does double as a screw driver (with an adjustable clutch) invest in one of those separately. I'd suggest that anyway as you'll most likely use the screw driver/gun far more often than the drill. For 90% of your chores a 3/8" max drill will be enough---if getting the screw gun too get one that uses the 1'4" hex bits.

Saw for interior work should be a nice variable speed jig saw, if the orbital option is available so much the better. If at all possible select one that uses the T-shank blades or the newer "universal" blades. I prefer a screw blade clamp but those aren't too popular so if the quick change tool less version is all that's available it'll work fine.

The screw gun and separate drill will take you a long way towards a lot of repairs. A good selection of drill bits (NOT those cheap types---Champion if possible) and of course hex bits. Screw driver bits, a few selected hex drive sockets come to mind.

High capacity batteries or extra batteries are always a welcome addition. If an "automotive charger" is available along with the standard 120 VAC type that'd be a great addition to keep your batteries fresh while traveling.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Honestly though I'm NOT a good guy to ask---I think "just one more......" really never is!

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Nice opportunity for you! For fitting out your van, I would get these in addition to those mentioned:

http:// d_rd_i=B07457BXJW&pd_rd_r=8e094f58-0e32-4b93-985f-0467acbcf631&pd_rd_w=fhPOa&pd_rd_wg=GEzrJ&pf_rd_p= be5d8dec-444e-4770-91df-1e16a8c46da8&pf_rd_r=QAYZHXN68ZKH8CTY23YF&qid=1561 161070&s=gateway


http:// 7bdfa34d-947c-11e9-92e4-63314db5d9df&pd_rd_wg=u2bDP&pd_rd_i=B01H9BLW90&psc =1&refRID=WXEV5GM0Q86N9YVK03ME

This if you can afford it. It’ll make cutting out plywood panels a breeze:

http:// t&hvlocphy=9061079&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvra nd=10765349635090109006&hvtargid=kwd-340671461260&hydadcr=23759_9904186&keywords=dewalt +cordless+track+saw&qid=1561160375&s=gateway&sr=8-11
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Originally Posted by Cyrull View Post
- Tools handy to bring with me on trips for basic field repairs/maintenance
I try to be a minimalist when it comes to tools these days just because I rarely need them. You can only bring so much. With a 6.0 PSD there isn't much I can do on the road anyway so my #1 tool is a Sat phone.

I try to think of tools as the ones I can use that are needed for the few tasks I can do and ones that serve multi purpose. So for instance I don't carry a torque wrench because I carry a breaker bar and that's good enough in the field. Ask yourself what can go wrong that you can fix. Do you need a hammer or can an hatchet double as a hammer. Can you use a voltmeter or will a circuit tester do. What tools are needed to put on an engine belt? Any specialized tools that are absolutely needed to repair something might be of value. If a heater hose blows can you replace it or pinch it off just to get home. I carry a helps to heat up some bolts to break them loose and the torch is a great tool to help start a fire. Actually I don't carry any power tools...just me.

Some on my list are (and probably missing something):
>>One of those multi tip screw drivers.
>>Vise grips can double to pinch off a heater hose and other tasks.
>>Water pump pliers.
>>Shallow/deep standard/metric socket/ratchet set...sockets large enough for suspension work.
>>Breaker bar.
>>Voltmeter, yes I carry one because I know a bit about electricity.
>>Circuit tester.
>>Propane torch.
>>Hose pinchers.
>>Short handle hammer. I need one to get my 4x4 disconnects off and on.
>>Small punch.
>>Oil filter strap tool.
>>Adjustable open end wrenches in a few sizes.
>>Sven saw.
>>hatchet and a hand maul.
What else???

I do carry one open end wrench for my front end that is specialized. I also carry a variety of jacks and a jack stand and never have needed any of them but probably something more important than most tools. Things like electrical split bolt connectors are handy at times as is tape especially silicon self fusing tape. Zip ties are a must and even bailing wire can be useful. I do carry a few nuts, bolts and washers. Some consider a tire repair kit a tool and should be carried if you know how to use one. Anything just to get you home.

It kinda depends on each individual and where you're goin.
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For completing the van, tools needed will depend some on how fast you want to go and how much money you want to spend. Things like a table saw and a circular saw are very usefully for making sawdust quickly, but people built things for centuries before their invention.

For a saw, a Japanese pull-saw is a great tool. Not terribly expensive and very effective. While I have a lot of tools, when I was living in an apartment on a work assignment a few years ago, I managed to build a few things with very few tools.

I agree about cordless drill and impact guns. I'd recommend a smaller 12V model. Rarely will you need to power of an 18V or 20V model and the smaller models get into tighter spaces better. You can often buy them in kits with both tools, a couple of batteries and a charger.

For a cordless chainsaw, I'll leave that to other's recommendations. I'm still looking for one myself as I've had poor luck with various gas-powered models.
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What tools do I need?

A combo kit with drill/driver, impact and circular saw

Except for all the cabs that were done on the cnc, I used one of the tracksaws for all of the cuts in my interior buildout, not something you need to take with but nice and takes up much less space than a table saw if you’re short on storage space

Grinder with cutoff wheel
Random orbit sander
Driver bits/drill bits

One of these.....
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I always found a Sawzall to be the first thing off the truck and the last thing back in.
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Measure twice, cut once:

Rafter square (the triangular job)
2 foot carpenter square (L shape)
1 foot carpenter square (L shape)

Bonus points - I use my vernier caliper way more often than I ever expected. I like a pure mechanical one to avoid surprise dead batteries.

My general rules is to use a substitute when at all possible - avoid "single task" tools when possible; only buy if absolutely necessary. Otherwise I'd have to buy the whole Home Depot or Harbor Freight stock.
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Here is Badger Trek's list from his website: BadgerTrek: Useful Tools

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