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2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

At 35,000 miles we now have another problem.. that seems to be "NOT ALONE"... where the engine is using a quart of oil per 1500 miles .. on highway speed roads... always something...

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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

Again, a SMOG Warranty complaint. If it is burning that much oil the emissions are out of spec. SMOG Warranty laws can be very powerful.

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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

according to ford until it gets down to a quart per 700 miles... they say its normal...
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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

check the PCV valve. The factory ones can gum up pretty easy, especially if running conventional oil. NAPA Echlin PCV valves are more resistant to fouling on this application.
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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

Yep we thought of that too... and the one that they put in is plastic... but we bought a new one and snap'ed it in... however, didn't do much good... still using that much oil... and ford says.. NORMAL...

We be thinking that it might be the intake valve guide seals... as the rings are probably not the bad guys in the engine... but, with the cat... we were conserned... about the same thing.. it will plug it up... but, according to others.. the new oils 5w-20... are different and at the rate its burning it.. should not become a problem... thus until the cat plugs up... again the dealer /ford says .. not to worry...

The fact that we have the cats ont he ex... no one can tell if its being burnt... however, we have been told to run it and then get the sparkplugs out... and check 'em.. if its one cyc... which they doubt... you should see it in the spark plug... then again... others say its not that much and doubt that you can tell from the plugs...

We are trying to do the compression check next... as that too is a good check to see if the rings or valves... (with only 40k on it... doubt if its valve leaking compression) so if they all come up to the standards... then we might rule out bad rings...

One other thing someone else said.. that they changed... and it stopped ... spark plugs... at about 30 k mi... they too started having the high speed oil useage... and even though the spark plugs don't require changing according to ford... they found that by using one of the auto taps...that datalog'ed the engine.. they found that it had a high speed miss... that was not felt driving... but supposedly it was not constant.. or dropped out under load... so it was a difficult problem to solve... grimlins... were playing...

However, they also had to change a couple of the coils on plugs.. that they found came apart at the same time...

After all that they hit the road.. and no more oil burn... so it might be that they have a problem with the COP, spark plugs... or something associated in that area... (big area to narrow down though)...

The fact that ford is not telling all... makes me wonder if they know they have a problem.. with some of the engines... and just are hope'n that they get past the 50K mark so they don't have to pay for it... go figure... huh...
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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

You might get more replies if you write in complete sentences. Your text is a bit hard to follow.

1500 miles/quart is not normal for any gasser. If it's not a leak, you've got major problems. Take it to another Ford dealer since it's still in warranty. A compression check should take 5 min.
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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

If the oil is not leaking, there are only a few other options. Either it's being burned off and there should be indicators of that, or it's leaking into something else like the coolant or transmission, either of which should be easy to confirm or deny.

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Re: 2008 5.4 uses a quart of oil per 1500 miles suddenly

Yes we have now checked to see if its is in fact leaking somewhere... as someone else also suggested taking a look at the oil filter assmbly... which we did... by putting some indicator (dr sholls spray on foot powder) and then going for a drive... didn't show a thing... no leakes their...
Under the engine it is dry.. dry...

Looking for oil in the radiator supply.. nada

Looking for oil in the trans fluid... was a trick issue... but, using some UV dye... and a black light.. showed no contamination of engine oil...

We also used the black light to see about any leaks around the engine... found none...

So we are safe to say it must be burn'n it... Now how do you tell by the exhaust ????... if the cat's are doing their job?... as the exhaust pipe is clean and clear... open to suggestions?

As to ford... and talking to the factory.. indeed they say.... that they do not consider these engines bad until they get to a quart per 800 miles... and only then will they do something about it. We have tried... and no joy in getting the dealer to see things our way.. as we too have had others that right off the lot... used almost O oil... or in the exploders case used a quart per 6000 miles... for the first 100K.. and thens went to a quart per 4000 or so...

If you check with ford.. you will find what we say is true about the rep not moving on the useage of the oil...

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