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Re: Blowout!!!

There is some good info in this thread on how to work it out.

This one has the SMB recommendation for BFG's

Lots of threads on this as well. ...

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Re: Blowout!!!

Glad you are ok Veg Head!

Did you use any other jacks aside from that HiLift in the photo to change the tire? That looks like one high unstable position for the HiLift on the front bumper, just sayin.

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Re: Blowout!!!

It's not possible to be sure without having the actual tire in hand, but I've done more than my fair share of tire failure inspections. It's almost definitely not from a single impact related event: look at all the smooth delamination around the carcass. You tread was most likely delaminated from the carcass considerably prior to this blowout, which may have been initiated by some impact on the rougher road, or it was just time.

Again, really hard to tell from this pic, but not only does your main tread look delaminated across the entire tread area, but the shoulders appear to be fairly smooth as well.

While I know about inspecting road tires a bit, I don't know too much about specific design changes made for off-road tires. HOWEVER, a brand new tire that is severely underinflated, overloaded, and run fast can be destroyed in 5-10 miles. The flexing from the underinflation/overloading and speed causes way too much heat buildup for the tire to shed it, and you get separation internal to the tire. If the separation is severe, then it's simply a matter of time prior to failure regardless of treadwear. You might experience a shaking at high speeds on the highway as some have noted on this forum, which is the separated tread bowing out from the carcass as the tire rotates at high speed.

I'm guessing that, other than a severe defect (very, very VERY rare), if this tire was that severely delaminated (and again, from that pic it appears that way, but that's sort of like prescribing medicine over the phone...), it may have happened on a prior low-pressure outing where you then got up to too high of a speed (like, over 15 mph maybe?).
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Re: Blowout!!!

Hey guys...I know I posted this about 2 weeks ago and didn't follow up but I've just been working my arse off...

Anyway, I consistently ran 50 psi in these tires and never aired down. And although this is a backroad it is not that bad and I'm pretty sure that I didn't run over any big rocks or anything. I was diving pretty slow at the time as well.

As for the wear on the tires; the one that blew was, I thought, my best tire. At least tread wise. The other tires definitely show more wear, that is why I planned on replacing them ASAP. I'm not sure how many miles were on the tires as they were on the SMB when I bought it. I've had BFG's on my old Toyota and I thought they were awesome. But I decided to go with the Toyo's because I've heard great things and like the tread pattern.

I didn't have another jack handy, I really didn't think I needed one, but this hi-lift was a pain to use to get the van up high enough to get the tire off the ground. It was pretty stable considering the situation and I put a big rock behind the rear tire. I didn't linger there too long, as soon as I got the bad tire off I had the spare ready, lined up and a couple of lugs on in seconds.

And yeah billwilson, it was a hot dusty time on that dirt road. I had an ice cold PBR handy, but I don't know why it is not in the pic...I think I had it in the shade in the van. I think the tire change required 2 12oz cans on top of all the other tools to complete the job. Selected as America's Best in 1893...
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Re: Blowout!!!

Is that a 48" hi-lift? Trying to get people's opinons on the 48 vs 60 hi-lift. The 48 would stow much better and less weight and if I can get by with the 48 would much prefer it, but I want something that is functional as well.

Always looking...4x4 Van 19ft or shorter. Sleeps 4 - two together, two separately; 4 forward facing seats with shoulder seatbelts, interior shower, water heater, 110 power, sink, aux. heat, aux air conditioner, aux. battery, generator - all at a price a school teacher could me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope.
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Re: Blowout!!!

I keep reading/hearing that the age of the tire is almost (maybe just) as important as the tire wear. Any idea how old the tires were? Regardless, glad you are safe. It sounds like it could've been a much worse situation.
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Not on my van, but a 'cool' blowout on our horse trailer.

Glad all is ok in the van.
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Re: Blowout!!!

Originally Posted by sdwindansea
I keep reading/hearing that the age of the tire is almost (maybe just) as important as the tire wear. Any idea how old the tires were? Regardless, glad you are safe. It sounds like it could've been a much worse situation.

The original post is July 2009. Veg head (original poster) has sold his van and moved on.

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