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Sorry to hear about the events, but glad you are coming out the other side. Wish you the best with everything.

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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
As another 6.0L nearing 80k mls I read this with great attention and compassion, it’s the brotherhood of PSD owners. :-)

My thinking has been to eventually take it to Bulletproof at Mesa AZ believing that they do that all the time and presumably better at it. Any feedback on work done there? Is the reason I don’t read more about that shop the logistics of moving a broken vehicle there or the quality of their work?

Currently very happy with Capistrano Ford, cost not withstanding, but they are too costly for a full engine removal and workup, hence the desire for feedback on the Mesa AZ shop.

Tks, Nick

Just my opinion but these guys are pretty arrogant about use of the term "bulletproof" and are quick to litigate anyone in the diesel community from using the term. Undoubtedly they have done real engineering and innovated solutions to improve the 6.0 psd which I appreciate. I just don't like their business practices and they charge a premium. For example, they charge 2x for a BPD alum radiator which is a repackaged Performance radiator.

Have a look at other options in Phoenix in this thread: https://www.sportsmobileforum.com/fo...nix-21138.html

Glad to hear you got it home twolost. I've now got 50k on my jasper with no issues other than little pesky things related to simply doing the engine swap. Things like the fuel line coming loose or an injector crapping out. In hindsight I probably should have replaced all of them.

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Many thanks Chris. All of the best to you as well.
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Thanks JoeH, glad to hear. Extraneous issues are exactly what I am preparing myself for now. Check twice... run once, repeat.

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Originally Posted by unreng View Post
welcome to the 6.0 rebuilt club!!! reading the stories about no brakes because of a failed vacuum pump is why we installed hydroboost. its possible to install as a diy, it just takes some time. the end result is much better brakes. and when our vacuum pump fails, we will install an electric vacuum pump from a pickup.
fyi - hydroboost is used on e450's (gvw 14,000 lbs) which makes it ideal for heavy e350's (gvw 10,000+ lbs).
What's a good part number for this hydroboost?
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@leblanc: Two threads that may provide you with assistance:


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internet is having issues this morning, so here's some of it:

booster = 6C2Z-2005-AB
master cylinder = 6C2Z-2140-EA

hard line tube at booster = 4C2Z-3A713-A
hard line tube at booster = 4C2Z-3A717-A
pressure hose = 6C2Z-3A717-BA / 6C2Z-3A717-AA (pump to gear)
pressure hose = BC2Z-3A719-C / BC2Z-3A719-E (gear to booster)
return hose = PSH52 (gear to cooler)
return hose = 8C2Z3A713A / 7C2Z3A713C (reservoir to pump)
bracket = 8C2Z-2A051-AB
also purchase a few extra pressure hose ends as backups = F5RZ-3R608-B

we had to buy an extra booster+master cylinder from ebay to get one of the hard line tubes and metal bracket that attach to the booster.
also heat and abrasion wrapped the tubing where necessary and upgraded the cooler.

2006 E350 4x4 SMB: 6.0L-5R110-Atlas-D60-D60-yada-yada-yada
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