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2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

Noticed this 2006 6.0 Diesel while searching craigslist and thought I'd post for those WTB.
Looks nice but out of my price-range.

So forget about that one -- But do you have any opinions to offer about my latest ideas?
I'm thinking about:

Buying a 2011 5.4 and getting a shop to put in the 4x4 and penthouse. Since I'm on the California central coast, leaning towards SMB West ('cause NC and Ujoint are too far away!)

Buying an older 6.0 diesel and doing the conversion. What years are better for the 6.0? 2004 ok?

Wait it out until "my" van comes up for sale.

MY VAN= The end-game is to have a RB 350, 4x4, elec PH, furnace, water heater and outdoor shower and plenty of bed/seating options. Prob some wheel flares and a decent outside light and swing-away rack off the rear. Since I've been ready to move on a purchase, the right one hasn't come along. Maybe tomorrow... or maybe I'll go buy that 2011!

I do like the Transformer that was listed on the forum earlier but it's an extended.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

Not wishing to bring up a debate about powertrain merits have you considered a V10?


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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

I don't think SMB will convert a 5.4L van to 4x4.

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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

Whats your budget? The one you linked to is definitely on the high end of the used market. You can find some decent rigs for much less than that.
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

The V10 is a concern due to MPG -- I may be misinformed, but don't they get ~10-12?
SMB west said they'd convert 2008 and up and didn't state restrictions about the 5.4 -- I'll ask that question specifically and report back.
Budget is 55k if it has everything I want but I'm thinking it would be ok to spend less, have the basics: 4x4, heat, hot water, ext-shower... so I guess there's a range of options that would work.
Thanks for the comments/thoughts!
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

You couldn't give me a 2004 6.0. I don't think there's a less reliable modern engine sold. I'd consider a 2007 or newer, but I would still budget for some engine improvements.

$3-7,000 in repairs every 100,000 miles seems about the norm for the 6.0. And that's if you don't push it after things start going bad and earn yourself a full new motor.

10-12 MPG for the V10 in a built van (they'll do 14-15 in a mostly stock 2WD) isn't to bad compared to 14-16 for the 6.0 once you factor in the fuel price difference and lower scheduled maintenance costs. And then of course the repairs and ruined vacations...
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

ponystar, have you looked at the PO stuff on SMB's website lately? There's a couple of nice ones that have been recently added to SMB west.
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please


OPTION ONE: you get exactly what you want (customizing it to your demands) but you take a huge hit in depreciation as soon as you drive the rig off of the SMB lot.

OPTION TWO: Buy a 6.0 diesel, have better MPG than the big gasser, but you trade those MPG's for the insecurity of possible unexpected breakdowns in remote areas, or spending a boatload of money bullet proofing that engine.

OPTION THREE: Keep waiting and hoping, and waiting and hoping, and growing older and missing out on opportunities to get out there and explore the world.

Given that both Options One and Two promise to cost you money, and Three will cost you time, going with the big gasser on an already depreciated used rig with most of what you want in it may be the best choice.

I recently had to make a similar decision and went with a Chevy 6.0 gasser with only 76,000 miles, figuring that utlimately, the miles I would drive it would not justify the higher up front and maintenance costs of the diesel. Now I am involved in the happy process of customizing my rig.

You are discovering what the rest of us have also discovered.......there really is no affordable perfect, all purpose rig out there.

Good luck with your quest.
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

Just some thoughts on Gas vs Diesel:
Difference in fuel costs for 100,000 miles of use is approx $6,200.

Offset to this is the higher maintenance cost of the Diesel engine plus whatever you would have to do to Bullet Proof it, and the potential unavailability of diesel vs. gas.

Longevity of V10 vs 6.0? I am guessing even a bullet proofed 6.0 might not last as long as a V10 but others here can speak to that with more authority.

Disclosure: I have the 2003 V10 4x4 QuadVan E350 EXT no lift. Have been super happy with it. In stock form: Nice and quiet , smooth and very strong. Starts right up, uses regular gas, low maintenance. Much less out lay up front. I can get 14 straight freeway if I am careful. Normally 12.7 for freeway and side road combo trip.

Just my take, but if I found a configuration I really liked and it was v10, I would not hesitate.
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Re: 2006 6.0 Diesel - Looks nice - Your opinion please

Craiglist finds go in the Craigslist/Online/Ebay section, and discussion belongs elsewhere- since this is 99% discussion I moved the topic.

How about Option F, find a quality 2wd with your floorplan and get a UJOR kit installed locally?

and then
everything changed
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